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  • Ds is now 16+4 and after falling into a nice feeding pattern, every 4 hours, 4 feeds a day plus his dreamfeed to fit the 5th in, he was gradually increasing his intake but since the end of last week feeds have become a battle!
    I think only once has he got upset over it, and boy was he hysterical, he's definitely hungry and still take 4+oz once he's calmed down enough. It's just like he's not interested, he flicks his head from side to side, will take a couple of gulps then try and get away from it again, I've tried holding/laying him in different positions, taken all distractions away, but nothing seems to make a difference. I originally put it down to being grumpy after having his jabs on Friday but it's still continuing.

    Anyone else had the same? Any ideas? x

    Now this is why this site is invaluable to all us mummies
    Fingers crossed it's not just fluke but gave him two of the teething tablets 15mins before his feed, no fighting, happily drank the full 7oz (which is so rare for this time of day) and is now happily conked out on my shoulder.

    Thankyou so much ladies xx

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  • have you tried a larger teat size? it might be that hes getting frustrated?
  • I know he's quite young but could he be teething?? My little boy was a bit like this just before his teeth popped through at 20 weeks. He was particularly bad feeding on the right breast and we think it was because it was rubbing his sore gums in a particularly sore spot. Hope things get better x
  • I brought this up at my 1st Time Mums session around 4 months as Amelia was doing the same thing. Every mum had the same problem. It's a couple of things really - the main one being - that they are bored. They've done the milk thing for 4 months and it seems less interesting nowadays. Try a brightly coloured piece of fabric on your shoulder for him to look at. Also I stuck some pictures on the wall where I feed Amelia (In the Night Garden and Chugginton) for her to look at.

    To be honest, sometimes I give up if she's had 3 or 4 oz and put the milk to one side for 40mins or so and then go back to it after she's had a play. Then she'll either drink a couple more oz or polish it off.

    On the teething front - if you think it might be this - try rubbing some Ashtons powder on his tongue before feeding. Available from Boots.

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  • Thanks ladies, I don't think it's teat size as he moved up to size 2 (TT) at 10 weeks and when he wants to drink will guzzle 7oz in 5-10mins. Did try variflow before with no luck.
    Why didn't I think of teething though? His gums have definitely been bothering him, dribbling like mad, chomping and can definitely feel something on the top gum! Shouldve put 2 and 2 together, have got new era teething tablets to try so will give them a go today and if not get some ashton parsons. Have been using gel but the effect seems too short lived x
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