Have any of you noticed

That since youve had a baby uve been more ill?
Before I got pregnant id never had worse than a tummy bug but when i was 39 weeks pregnant i got an unknown infection which led to a 3 day hospital stay, then i got mastitis then 2 weeks ago a paticualy bad UTI.
Is it just coincidence or have any of you experienced similar?


  • I'm the opposite! I used to get every bug going and whenever I got a cold I'd be in bed for at least a day (I have asthma) Since I had my eldest I am hardly ever ill and when I am I don't get anything like as bad. Can't remember the last time my asthma caused a problem!
  • Thats really great wish i was the same lol
  • yeah before i had my son i hadnt even had so much as a cold in my life now i seem to get ill every time the kids do
  • I'm like bedhead. I used to get loads of colds especially when I was pregnant but now not so much x
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