leaving baby outside

its something my nan did with my mum & my mum did with me and I wondered how many people still did it. (obviously in a shaded area and a safe enclosed space before anyone jumps on me!!)

Do you or would you do it?

Not 100% sure of the reason behind it? Fresh air/peace/getting used to outdoors maybe?


  • Sometimes if I go for a walk and get back but LO is still asleey, he stays there in the pram and I sit on the front step and read!

    I know it's not exactly what you meant, but I think he likes the fresh air and I like the peace x
  • Never done it, and not likely to start.

    Probably a way to get fresh air. But I'd much rather take lo for a walk. xx
  • Think thats why I have never done it mithical, we walk alot as I dont drive.
  • If it is nice out he has fallen asleep in the pram on our way home, I let him sleep in the back yard. He tends to wake if I try to carry him up to his cot and it is a pain to get the pram inside without collapsing it. But as a regular day thing, no. I don't think there is enough stimulation, although he used to love watching leaves when we were out and about.
  • I am the same as KMW... If I have been for a walk and he is asleep in his pram I put him in the back garden and open the patio doors (I don't leave him) but I do think the air, birds singing, ambient noise is goo for them. I guess my main reason is not to disturb him but I am a big fan of fresh air, we go for a walk everyday come rain/snow or shine xxx
  • i have never left him outside on his own even though we have a locked garden we do always try to spend time outside though weather it be a walk or a play in the garden, it is suppose to help baby sleep better or so my mum says :lol:
  • I often used to leave lo napping in his pram outside, I'd leave him by the backdoor which is 6 ft away from the sofa, in the shade and our garden is enclosed -I just used to like him to have as much fresh air as possible x
  • we did with ds, in our back garden right by the door (living room to garden) with the door open, he went through a stage where the only way to get him to sleep was when he was outside, i don't have a car so we walk alot anyway, but i couldn't take him for a walk every time he wanted to sleep, i needed a sit down myself (the arm chair was right next to the door) we used to go out for at least two wlaks a day but when he wanted to nap 5+ times a day it was impossible, also if he was asleep when we went out, the minute he wa back in the house he would up and be v grumpy so again used to wheel him straight thru to the back garden. i think he found the noises calming, the birds, breeze, distant traffic etc, he had a 'nature' sound setting on his bouncer chair and he used to love that one too with all the brids tweeting etc. once he got over his only wanting to be outdoors thing i only left him out there if we'd got back from a walk and still nsoozing, but since we moved wouldn't be able to do it now anyway as have no garden.
    i don't see why it might 'frowned upon' personally, especially in warm weather, as long as they ahve a sun/insect net over the pram/puschair and u can keep an eye on them easily, and ofc are in a sceure outdoor area, would never have left ds at the front garden (our back garden didn't even have a gate so no one could get in or anything)

  • This is something I considered doing a couple of times (just on the deck, right outside patio doors me close by, etc etc) but I never quite managed it......

    To be honest I think I was always overly worried about next door's cat (even with net on the pram I would be still be worried!).

    I have to say though that after watching that documentary last night about those twins attacked by that fox....I think I'd be far too scared.

    Each to their own though - I am a massive worrier......!!!

  • I put lo out in the garden on a blanket with all his toys in the shade next to the stairs and I leave the door wide open and cook whilst hes playing. The cooker is right next to the door and hes never out my sight and I tell you...he has the BEST sleeps after being out in the garden lol dont ask me why!

    He cant sleep in the garden though cause our stupid neighbours have dogs that bark non stop and they have no bloody coutesy and 9 times out of 10 let them out when ive just managed to get ds to sleep! grr
  • Hubby and I walk everywhere as we dont drive, so we are out everyday anyway but if the weather is lovely, I put lo in pram and we sit in the garden and she will sleep and when she is done I bring onto the blanket so she can have a play about
  • i have put Lexie and Leah in the garden to sleep a couple of times its secure no way in for any one else and i can see them from the kitchen i only ever put them out when nothing else worked and they were really grumpy it was only a hand full of times but they seemed to sleep so much better and my mum was always saying to try it as she did that with all of us
  • Every day, unless it's raining! I put her out in the yard, keep the kitchen door open & go & do some housework or enjoy a cup of tea! My lo loves it outside. We go for walks the majority of days, bit she always lies in her pram for at least an hour outside. My mum & granny both did this & I think the fresh air does wonders for her. Plus it's very sweet as my dog lies under her pram protecting her image

    Jayne xx
  • i do i put toula in the garden in her pram to nap when its nice especially if we r all outside she is used to the noise of her brothers can sleep through anything lol.

  • I do. I either sit outside with him while he is in his pram or whille I am washing up and can see him through the kitchen window.

    This is on top of all the walks we go on. Fresh air is so good for them!

    H x
  • I have let lo stay asleep in the pram when we've been for a walk, which is ok as there is a shaded area outside and a door that opens from the living room so I can keep an eye out and she's only about 4 paces away from me.

    I can't see an issue with it if lo is safe - I do have to put a cat net on her pram as we have a couple of friendly cats around though and wouldn't risk leaving her outside without it on!!

  • I have easy access to my garden so could never leave elliott outside...and to be honest I'd worry about cats and any rats etc

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