one already!!!

Hi girls i cant believe its lilys first birthday on friday and we are having a party in my hubbys restaurant (the function room above) the numbers have got silly for it now and there are 110 people coming im jsut stressing about what to feed them ,,, anyone have any cheap ideas?the party in on my birthday so no relaxing for me hehe!!!!

were has the time gone ... lol! we have been away this weekend to a log cabin in wales it was lovely however since we have got back lily wont nap in her cot im wondering if its just because she's a little out of routine or whether its coincidence as her 7th tooth came throught today image

Happy birthday to all other september babies ... still cant belive my lo is a big one lol!!



  • WOW that IS a huge party

    Hope everyone enjoys it!
  • thankyou cc !!

    I know it was supposed to just be family and a few close friends however my oh's family are bigger than i first realised haha! Im really looking forward to it just anxious that everyone will enjoy themselves and have enough to eat lol
  • i bloody hope so too lara! hehe! its 2pm until 6pm so not really lunch or tea ... xxx
  • Haha yes maybe i should give them all food poisoning then that way the numbers will be less for next year :lol:

    So far ive thought of

    sausage rolls
    chicken drumsticks
    crisps/nuts /breadsticks and dips
    cup cakes
    birthday cake

  • True ! Thanks for the advice Hubby2be is working all the hours god sends as usual so its just me organising everything .. fingers crossed it will all go well image xxx
  • i know he's so chilled i understand he cant help as he's in work but ringing round his family etc or pricing up things we need would help he thinks a fairy godmother is going to put everything in its place last minute... men hey ! hehe xxx
  • happy birthday to lily, lolah will be 1 on the 9th sept, its gone so quick hasnt it, we r having a party for her on sunday. hope lily has a lovely birthday and party. xxxx
  • Aw i hope lolah does too time flies its a little bit sad that my baby is growing up , sunday is an exciting day for both of them then hope all goes well keep us posted butterfly xxx
  • i know, im actually quite sad she is turning1 already. will keep u posted on how it goes, u do aswell, im sure i will put a pic up of her. xxxx
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