just need to let it out

hi ladies hope you and los are all well?

sorry for this but im not allowed to tell anyone we know and need to tell someone.

our lo is now 18 weeks and is doin really well but me and oh have had a tough year, in fact thinkin bout it lo is the only good thing to happen it our lo.
this mornin my oh came back from work to tell me he has been made redundant, just what we need on the run up to xmas with a lo to look after and my maternity pay droppin in a few weeks. my fella just keeps sayin 'stay strong, wel be ok' i know wel be ok in the long run but im so angry!

rant over, i dont feel better but at least ivmanaged to get it out.


  • Oh bloody hell what a nightmare. Sending you hugs and hope you feel a little bit better now you've been able to tell someone.x
  • Hi hun, sorry to hear that he is to loose his job! Pete got made reduntant last year and although times were hard, at one point he was driving taxi's and hating it and then he went to work in a factory on nights again hated it! The job he is in now came up and he got it and loves it more that the job he lost. At the time it seemed like the end of the world but looking back it was the best thing that could have happened! Things will be tough but as you oh says you have tostay strong and you will work your way through it together! xxxx
  • hey,

    didn't want to read and run, I'm really sorry to hear that, would your oh be able to look after lo and you return to work? May not be the best solution for you but would ensure some income if he can't get another job.

    I can understand you feeling angry, atleast you have each other and lo.

    Whenever I hear about this 'recession' on tv - I just hope that the economy will hit 'rock bottom' asap so that things for everyone can improve again.
  • Oh heck- hope you find a resolution (or win the lotto!!) xxx
  • my oh is a proud man and hel clean toilets if it brings in a wage to support us, we have some money comin and we have said that if times get desperate il go back to work. bloody banks have put us in this position and they are moanin bout a smaller bloody bonus - you cocked up, you shouldnt have any at all!!!
    thanks for your messages of support, they do help. im sure everthin will work out for the best.xxx
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