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I was wondering if any of you ladies have any tips for getting lo to drink water? We have tried cool boiled from a bottle-no thank you!-and bottled water (HV suggestion) from a sippy cup. As soon as she realises it's not milk, she lets it dribble down her chin :lol:

I bought some Cow & Gate juice & added this to the water, thinking a bit of flavour might encourage her, but no joy. I have also ordered a doidy cup, but think the issue is that it's not milk, iyswim? We will be starting weaning in the coming weeks, and obviously I would like to encourage her to drink with her meals. Any advice/tips gratefully appreciated xx


  • I've had the same issue and have only just cracked it today!

    LO is EBF and refuses a bottle, we started weaning a couple of weeks ago. She's been a bit constipated and the hot weather hasn't helped and I've been desperately trying to get water into her.

    We managed it today with her lying down like she was feeding (I had previously been trying to give it to her in her highchair) with a flippy spout free-flow cup, the TT one.

    Don't know if it has been the perseverance - we've been trying three different sippy cups and a doidy cup - the change in weather or an increase in solids making her thirsty, or a combination!

    I thought for ages that the problem had been that water isn't milk, but she seemed really thirsty today and drank 50ml.

    Good luck!
    B xx
  • When you say cool, how cool do you mean? I tried lo with completely cold boiled water and he was having none of it. He will drink it if it is warm though (about the same temp as the milk I give him). Have you tried this? I give it to him in a bottle with one of the new born teats so it comes out quite slowly as otherwise it is too quick for him, being thinner than milk.
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