Formula and airport security :/?

Hello ladies
This has probably been asked sooo many times but i can't find it anywhere.

I'm looking for someone with quite recent experince of taking formula through airport security.
We are taking DD to Florida in 4 weeks time (she will be 4 months) and have no idea how to take her formula through. She is on Aptimil Comfort so can not use cartons image we will need quite alot since it is such a long flight.

Do we make it up and take it through?
Take boiled water in the bottles and powder in the pots?
Take the powder in pots and try getting a flask filled with boiling water from a restaurant?
or something else!???

I'm so confused. Please HELP!!! :\?

Carly & Freya 12 weeks


  • that's SO creepy...i just came here to post pretty much the exact same question!!

    I assume you're aware you cannot take more than 100ml past i think pre-making it is out of the question.

    I did hear that you can actually call Boots in the terminal and ask them to put several aptamil cartons aside for you to pick up once you've cleared security..but that does not help your situation cuz as you said, you cannot use cartons.

    but i've also heard that you can take your own formula through, with a doctors note (actually was at the GP today and saw reception give a patient a note about it) and they will make you taste the formula. i dont know how true this is though.

    im in the same situation as you, i'm going to australia in october. i was just going to call Boots inside the terminal to get them to put cartons aside. Best calling the airline as well to see what they recommend. I know some flights provide boiled water but you have to wait an age for it to cool down first image

    i'll be interested to see what other people say on this subject. xx

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  • I took the formula in powder form and put cooled boiled water in the bottles. They made me taste the water tho. Which kind of defeated the purpose of it being sterile! LO was fine tho.
  • You just put the water in the bottles and formula in a pot like you usually would then they will ask you to sip a bottle of there choice or maybe 2 or 3.. just make sure you put a little extra water in than you need you can always tip it out later.

    Tbh there not overly strict when you have a baby But they cant not check if that makes sense. Dont worry about it just be prepared to sip the bottle xx
  • We had formula in pots & took bottles of water. They made us taste just one of our bottles. We put it on our wrist like we test the temp of it & that was fine.
  • GLad to read this, we are off to turkey next month and will be neededing to feed our lo.
  • Thanks everyone
    There is so much conflicting info and it's definatly one thing we can't afford to get wrong!
  • airport security made a firend of mine taste her expressed breastmilk. she wouldnt though, so gave her baby a bit to taste and they were happy.
  • I flew from southampton when dd1 was 6 months old and the woman who searched us was mean! She told me off for looking for hubby when she stopped us to check me, the buggy and feeling dd's nappy! Flying back from scotland they were much nicer!
  • my friend called boots and got it put aside for her x
  • I have this problem! lizzie is intolerent to loads and allergic to egg and as she is going to be 12 months when we go away on a 8 hour flight she is going to need food too and i dont think they will cater for her being wheat and milk and lactose intolerent!!!!
    I am going to ring the airline on thursday and ask what i can do about taking food and fluids for her as I have to take 2 tins of her fomula in my suitcase which will be fine but I also need to take a made up bottle through surcuity due to it wont mix in luke warm water!!!
    arghhhh nightmare!!!
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