What is your baby's favourite recipe? (also in Aug 09)

Jack will be 6 months on the 21st Feb. He loves his porridge and will eat any kind of fruit I put infront of him but we're struggling on the veg front. He has 2 meals per day but he's only having porridge/rusk mid morning and then a fruit puree in the afternoon (tea time) He just spits veg out and even carrotts that are sweet dont do it for him. image

His big bro was and still is the opposite as he would eat any vegetable (even sprouts - yuk!) but wouldn't suffer a piece of fruit. He'll now have a satsuma if you take all the pith off and about half a banana. Think I gave up too easily with Brad to be honest. I've got my cube pot thingys at the ready and am off to ASDA this afternoon so wondering if anyone has any successsful recipe ideas for purees?

K x


  • Hi,have you tried mixing veg in with the fruit?
    Sweet potato and apple.
    Carrot and pear.
    Try googling and see what combinations come up!
    Good luck. x
  • I was just about to say this - mix peach and butternut sq or pear and carrot.....annabel karmel mixes everything!

    I started on Veg so that lo wouldnt get used to sweet. So far she has liked every veg thank goodness xx
  • I will usually just make up whatever I have in so in freezer there is

    butternut squash & pear
    sweet potato, carrot & turnip (her favourite)
    apple & pear ( I use these in her brekkie)

    If you make up your own fruit pots you could try pureeing in small amounts of veg and slowly increasing the amount. So far the only thing Orla has taken a real dislike to is banana.

    Cat xxx
  • my LO is almost 7 months and since she has been 6 months we've been a bit more adventurous with flavours. She was never that thrilled with plain veg purees but now i've started to add other flavours she loves them. Her particular faves at the moment are a lentil, sweet potato and carrot puree with some added ground coriander, ginger and turmeric. (interesting nappies ha ha!) and leek, parsnip and swede pureed in a cheese sauce. I think once they've reached 6 months and they aren't showing any signs of allergies to things you could just make baby versions of anything we like to eat, well minus the salt and sugar! image
  • Pea and pear was Abby absolute fav! She also liked carrot and apple quite a lot too! image
  • Thanks for the replies! Jack's favourites are mango and peach so may sneak those into the combos. I tried him with carrotts and sweet potato one day but he spat it out so ended up throwing my cubes away. That was a few weeks ago so may have been a little early.

    Steamer out tonight I think. Thanks everyone x
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