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nappy wrapper

Sorry to butt into your forum so early ladies but I have a question!
I have about six weeks to go and opened my tommee tippee nappy wrapper today.
It has one cartridge in it, i was wondering how long they last (or how many nappies!) cause i probably need to get more cassettes but not sure how many newborn (0-3 months) I will need before moving onto the 3 month +.
Anybody using one and can advise?

Many thanks.

33+4. x


  • Mrs E

    I use mine for nearly all nappies, on average b4 they go onto solids I could get about 25-30 nappies in before having to empty and would have to change the cartridge about every 4-5 emptyings?!?!So thats about 150-180 nappies,@ about 10 nappies a day.

    Rhys is 10 months old now on 3rd stage solids (very messy nappies)and I generally have to change the cartridge every fortnight three weeks or so(sometimes more sometimes less)
  • I have the angelcare nappy wrapper (the freebie one from the bounty pack) and the cartridges generally last for 3-4 weeks depending on how many reusable nappies I use .. although I seem to be emptying it every other day at the moment so I don't think this cartridge is gonna last that long!
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