Cow's milk when abroad

I'm looking for a bit of advice

We'd love to book a holiday but the logistics of it is boggling my mind based on what we take with us for a weekend away!

Anyway, food/clothes/nappies aside, I was wondering if anyone has been abroad with a LO who is on cow's milk?

The girls will be a year old in May so will be on cow's milk by the time we go, if we go.
However, I know cow's milk abroad isn't the same as it is here. It doesn't taste the same and sometimes you can only get UHT.
Do I give them that? Or do I try and attempt to see if they'll take a toddler formula for the time we are away? And if so, will I have to go through the rigmarole of sterilising again (which I'll have stopped at 1 year when they stop having formula)?

Thanks in advance



  • I haven't posted for ages but I keep meaning to post about this very same thing so I'll be looking out for replies!
    Are you planning to be off bottles by then or are you already? I thought bottles still had to be steralised even if they had cows milk?

    We're going away when Finn will have just turned 1 so might wait til we're home to change over. It would be easier though if he can have cows milk and preferably out of a beaker.
  • Where do you want to go? I know the milk in Belgium and Holland does taste different, but is in a way the same. You have the same sort of full fat, semi skinned and such and it taste only slightly different. So I would think that if you would go to a country in Europe it wouldn't be to much of an issue.

    If it was me in the situation. (which I am sure I will at some point) I will give him the milk that is for sale there. (again, if the country is in Europe) He would eat with different tastes as well, so it might not be that bad.
  • I would just give him the milk that is for sale there - it's safe and while it may taste a bit different I'm sure he'll get used to it. I took my lo to Thailand last year and just did exactly that and it was fine! She ate it in her cereal too so it can't have been that bad!
    At 12 months old you do not need to sterilise although I took Milton cold water sterilising tablets as the water out there is not safe to drink so I didn't want to risk washing her bottles in it. You could try that to be extra safe.
    Holidaying with lo's is fab, I hope you have a wonderful time!
  • Treacle - I'm planning (hoping!) they'll be off bottles by then. They only have milk twice a day and already take their morning milk from a beaker. Just the bedtime one to crack!

    Breighlin - not too sure but probably South of France or Spain. I just know that when I lived in France, not all supermarkets/small shops had a large supply of fresh milk every day. Some only had a small amount delivered and you had to be quick to get it, otherwise, you had to make do with UHT. I know I lived in a very small town and it was 8 years ago but I didn't want to bank on being able to get some and then find we were stuck!

    Edited to say:

    Thanks DonnaandPoppy. Good to know that your LO didn't refuse the taste.

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