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baby has weepy eye

For about a week and a half, my LO has had a crusty eye which has needed cleaning morning and night. I took him to the Docs last week and they said just keep cleaning it. The eye is not red or inflamed, but at times it looks like my LO is cryin as a tear is running down the side of his face. Not sure what I should do!!

Anyone else experienced this with thei LOs? If so how long did it last for???


  • hi. all 5 of my babies have had weepy eyes. it's just their tear ducts adjusting and sometimes they can a bit blocked, i gently massage in the corner of their eye, near the nose and this can help.also clean as and when needed with cooled boiled water. and if you are breast feeding try expressing some milk onto some cotton wool and wipe the affected eye. this works as their are lots of antibodies in breast milk which naturally kill bacteria.
    my little boy is 8 weeks and has still got a weepy eye and my first baby had weepy eyes til he was a year old.hope this helps.xxxx
  • hi,
    my baby had weepy eye. i was cleaning them with cooled boiled water 5-6 times a day but his eyes were still getting stuck together with it.
    the doc visited me at home to check on the baby as i had a home birth and perscribed him with some eye drops.
    once i started giving him the eye drops within a couple of days it cleared up. his eyes werent red or inflamed just weepy and sticky.
    Toni x
  • Hi my LO is only 5 days old and she has the same. Its made me worry but like urs it isnt inflammed or red, just crusty and i keep cleaning it with cotton wool in lukewarm water but it isnt really doing anything. I hope it goes away soon as the midwife doesnt seem bothered by it but i dont want my baby to suffer
  • hi, my little one has had this twon from about 2 weeks old, she is now 11 weeks. My GP prescribed drops that didn't do much and the referred us to the eye hospital. The doc there wasn't too concerned apparantl its a blocked tear duct that is qute common, I was told it should correct itself within a year. Today is the first day it hasn't been bad, bit the last week or two it defo got worse. so maybe it has to get worse to get better? I think it bothers us mums more that it does the babyl.
  • my lo had this from birth - i was advised to put some breast milk in the eyes - it worked wonders. X
  • My LO had a weepy left eye a couple days ago. His actual eye wasn't red but the surrounding area was and it had yellow crusties. After much reading, I decided to try bottled water cotton ball wipes. After a day it was still crusting so I tried breastmilk. I hand expressed some into a glass and then dunked my finger in it and then let the drips fall into his eye. Today-all clear! It can be concerning when our LO have problems and only you'll know if it's concerning enough to see a doc. In my town docs are hard to get into so I try home remedies first. Then if in 7- 10 days it's not clear, then I go.  good luck. 

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