The baby forum seems very.....

......fertile at the moment lol image

Pointless post but I have noticed lots of new pregnancies within the forum lately.... be careful ladies, all you need to do is post a topic tee hee hee



  • I'd noticed that too. Congratulations to all the pregnant ladies, I would love to be pregnant again but dont want another baby yet, its a shame you cant have one without the other!

  • I wouldn't mind another baby (although I've got no idea where I would put it lol and oh would freak!) but I REALLY don't want to be pregnant again. Maybe you could have the baby MumDonna, and then I'll have it once it's born :lol: :lol:
  • Ooh yes. Agreed. I'm seriously considering it but we need to get settled in our new place. By the end of the year though. I'm thinkig a september 2010 baby? Xxx
  • my sis just rang and told me shes pregnant too lol soon as she told me i felt soo jelous lol and happy 4 her of course lol i love the pregnant part just the hard work after lol xx
  • There is deffo something going around on here!! Please don't give it to me. I really don't want anymore!

    Congratulations to all that are though image

  • lol Kerry... i only want 2 but would love to be pregnant lots of times as I really enjoyed it so maybe I will have 1 for you lol
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