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Forgive me, I've not been on here for AGES! but have a question I can't find an answer to and thought I would ask you girls for some advice! image

I'm thinking of making home made purees etc. for my baby but I am stumped about what you are supposed to do to keep these safe and fresh when out and about in the day. I have an insulated bag but I'm a bit funny about food and want to make sure it is safe and not growing bacteria getting warm etc. I've looked all over the internet and even in Annabel Karmel books but nowhere mentions what you're supposed to do when out for the day. I've also heard that many places do not microwave baby food for you now so it's not as if I can take it out frozen and ask somewhere to microwave it. At the moment I guess I'll be using jars when out and about but I don't really want to due to all the 'added extras' they put in to boost the flavour (can't find a jar of baby rice/porridge ready made up without sugar as the second ingredient!). Does anyone make homemade food and transport it on a regular basis?

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  • Hi hon! Hope you and your lovely girl are well. Time's flying isn't it!

    If we go out, I pop some ice cubes in a sealed freshly washed container then pop that in a plastic bag in case it leaks. As cubes are small they're defrosted by lunch. Unfortunately he does have to have it at room temp as places are funny about heating them but I'd rather that than a jar (though I do use them sometimes). I've also found breast milk storage bags as perfect for spoons as they're sterilised so I pop the spoon in boiling water for 5 mins then straight in the bag.

    Probably not overly useful but it works for us! X
  • Hi,
    I totally agree with Katie about Ella's Kitchen as they are 100% veg/fruit/meat/fish with no other stuff. At the moment they are on offer at Tescos (well our one anyway) for ??1 a packet. Also Plum tubs are great all 100% good stuff with no additives and they started doing them in packets like Ella's too!
  • If you aren't going out very often, then jars are the most convenient. A lot of mum's on BE do recommend Ella's Kitchen. Never used it myself but a lot of mums (& lo's) seem to like them.
  • If i can't avoid being out at a mealtime i use Ella's kitchen or Plum baby. They're both organic and have no additives, it's much easier than trying to keep home cooked food fresh.
    My little girl likes them so once in a while isn't going to hurt.
  • I read in my Annabel Karmel book that you should blast it in the microwave so its really really hot to kill all the germs then put it in an insulated bag. By the time you come to give it to baby it should be lukewarm. This is what I do as I dont want Frankie to have jars.

    Also there are certain places that are fine about warming food, usually family friendly places like M&S and debenhams. Large shopping centres like Trafford centre have microwaves in the food courts.
  • I've only done it once cos I'm such a scaredy cat. But I just heated it up really hot and it was still luke warm by the time he had it. mind you I have used jars one the odd occasion and he's happy enough to have a jar and go back to homemade puree next meal. S x
  • I use jars when out too, but I also have an Annabelle Karmel thermos flask, so I blast them until piping, let them cool a bit and then put them in that. They are supposed to stay fresh for 6 hours, however I have never wated that long (if it's going to be hours I use a jar).
  • Many thanks for all of your replies! Some fantastic tips and I will definitely try and find some of the Ella's Kitchen and Plum foods as have not heard of these! Thanks again x
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