frozen salmon

Hello was clearing out freezer and found frozen salmon form Jan. It would have been frozen on day of purchase. If I defrost it and cook it would it be OK? I'm not a big fish cook so not really sure.



  • it depends on your freezer really. mine for fish says 3 months and I think thats the norm for standing freezers, whereas deep freezers would keep it fresh for longer.

    You won't really be able to tell until you've defrosted it, and then you'll know as soon as you smell it, if it smells fishy or looks a funny colour i'd throw it
  • fabulous mrs thanks very much I'm going to do a sniff test, isn't it funny that fish is fishy when off lol you learn something new every day!!! thanks again x
  • aw feck it stunk of fish just as well u said as i'd have prb cooked it, its in the bin with a bag of what i think used tobe carrots lol I haven't done a good read outof the cupboards since Reece was born and apparantly longer for the freezer lol
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