My baby sounds chesty

Hello All, My lo sounds really chesty when she is breathing. Can anyone recommend anything? I know that there is a cold/flu bug going round and this evening i'm feeling a bit heady so if Summer feels anything like i do (absolute shit) she's suffering too. Any help would be brill. We've got calpol will this work? We think she could be teething as well bless her. Oh she's nearly 14 weeks. Thanks Michelle xx


  • Been putting karvol drops on a hankie in sonnys pushchair & using a plug in in his room as he had the snuffles which has turned into a nasty rattly chesty cought too. We saw the gp for someting else last week & she advised against any cough mixture & to just keep lo upright as much as poss during the day & if it was really bad then run the shower & sit in the bathroom with him to loosen the cattarh (sp?)

    Horrible tho isn't it. Sonny also went off his food for a couple of days & I had to go back to feeding on demand which was a pain but he couldnt take too much in one go as he couldn't breath so I put up with it & luckily he only needed 2 nights of 3am feeds.
  • Hiya - try raising the cot/moses basket by putting books under the legs at one end, this helped my son - dont put them too high, or like me you will find your baby at a heap at the bottom, quite funny too see lol! i put that salts in boiling water and placed them in a corner of the room aswell they seemed to help! And medised is good - you can use that after 3month, its a decongestant plus will aid sleep!
  • My lo has just had a cold too. Gave calpol and children's albos oil in room and raised crib (head end). It's awful to watch them suffer isn't it?!
  • hi, i've just been to Tesco and spoke to the pharmancist (sp) and she advised that if lo isn't in pain not to use anything as all it will do is dope her up. She recommended steam bath and Karvol vaporiser. Ok for me i'm dosing up on Beechams flu plus tablets and lemsip oh and lucozade. Going to spend the rest of the day on the sofa with lo and going to watch Grease 2. What a life. xxx
  • both my children were born in summer and both got bronchiolitis at 4 months old. On advise of GP I bought a humidifier (you can get the Bionaire ones in Argos). My advise to every mum is get one and steam baby whilst sleeping. They have a little well in them to which you can add stuff like olbas oil. In my experience they are life savers. Also there is a baby version of Vicks which you can rub on baby's chest - I'm sorry can't remember name of it but its good stuff and pharmacist should be able to recommend it. My kids are 3 and 1 and I have been using it all week with my youngest.
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