nice ways to say ... (rant alert)

thats a heap of sh*t

the MIL has just told hubby that she has bought a chair for our 6 month old, now for one i think buying furniture esp where a baby is concerned is out of order without consulting the parents, and secondly what does he need a chair for? we have a highchair and a rocker, its just gonns be something thats gonna take up room, something we lack in our house as it is! he doesnt like sitting anywhere for long, i am so cross! she has brought him didly squat up to now, a toy i wouldnt mind but a chair, i dread to think what its like! did i say he was just 6 months!!!!



  • ''how nice, he has somewhere to sit when he comes to YOUR house. It will look great in YOUR living room!!!'

  • hehe i just said to hubby if i dont like it its going to her house!!
  • hah i wish i knew, my mum is forever bringing round unwanted 'goodies', usually things she's picked up from a boot fair that aren't 100%, like have bits missing or damaged slightly...i wouodln't mind too much either but we have absolutely no storage being in a basement flat, PILs bought ds a motorbike rocker thing, no more than month later, after showing it to my mum, she went out and bought him a plastic red rocker...why? she knows he already ahd one, what are gonna do with two of them? she told me last night 'oh i've bought somehting for austin, but u might not be too happy as its a bit big...'...well if u think i'm not gonna be happy why the hell did u buy it????? she's bought him an easel, which i actualy wanted to get, but she's bought him a fairly big one (like age 4+) and eh's only 15????months and the top of his head comes to where the board starts...she just doesn't think?? plus, where am i supposed to put it? she was saying a few eeks back too that she wants to buy him a little tykes car for xmas this yr, we don't have a garden?! and i'm due baby no2 on the 9th december, so its not like he'll be bale to ride it around in doors carshing into the moses basket or runnig over his little borther or siter on the play mat...she drives me insane....sorry no advice, but ur not alone, i don't knwo why they can't just engage their brains first! xx
  • That'll make coming over so much easier seeing as we won't have to humph our chair over everytime!

    I know you don't like them but to stop them saying 'oh no it was for your house' you could say 'it'll make staying longer easier because well have somewhere for him to be fed'

    sure shell shut up then haha x
  • haha thats our excuse not to stay long how will i get out of that :lol:
  • You'll need to decide...chair or short stays...sacrifices have to be made hahaha x
  • lmao i love this site!!! how often do they visit you if not often (mine manage once a year if I'm lucky and they live 2 mins away in the car) so I just throw things up in the attic and then to the charity shop a wee while after lol
  • "oh how perfectly adorable" followed in a few weeks by a discreet trip to a charity shop. Then if they notice you say "oh the lovely chair, I'm afraid it broke - not very good build quality on it as it turned out".
  • haha loving the replies, although she is 10 mins drive we rarely see her and we mostly have to treck all our stuff over there,
  • She will never know when it "accidentally" gets knocked over and a leg falls off then image

    I would thank her though if she's not bought lo anything before good behaviour needs praising :lol: you never know in the future you may get something useful if not your local charity shop is in for a treat!
  • Ooh a special chair for me at your house??? Like a little throne, just for me?? Awww I'm SO touched, followed by a big hug. That'll wind her up a treat.
  • is it a chair for him to use? my parents get a rocking chair engraved for each grandchild at their christening. my dd has just got hers. it's not for her to sit on (shes 4 months) but for her to keep.
  • she wouldnt say, maybe she will buy DS a house to keep it in?
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