How did you start, and how did you progress?? Any tips or advice??


  • Not sure if this has any useful information...


    We are starting on Thursday, when lo will be exactly 6 months, and will do purees and BLW.

    If your lo is younger than 6 months. Give a few spoonfuls of baby rice made with baby's milk, after the lunchtime bottle. Do this for about 3 days. Then you can introduce another flavour, either to the rice or on it's own. So a root veg like carrot, turnip etc and fruit purees. Once again for about 3 days. Then you can mix your tastes.

    When you think lo is ready, maybe after a week or so, you can introduce another meal. So breakfast.

    If lo is over 6 months you can do BLW and they can have anything except honey, runny eggs and peanuts if there's an allergy in the family.

    Obviously have to be conscios of salt and sugar contents.

    I'm sure you'll get more advice from those that are/have weaned. But hope that helps a little. xx
  • Thanks for your replies happyflump and mithical, and good luck for Thursday image

  • We started dd on baby porridge and stuck to this at lunch time for 2 weeks, just so she could get used to it and then we started introducing vegetables and fruit etc... now she has a good appetite and like Mithical says she doesnt get anything like runny eggs, peanuts, honey or any sweet stuff, we do give her Plum range pomegranate or apple biscuits but the only thing she hates so far is salmon but that could be because I hate it too :lol:
  • Thanks Mrs Hall. I'm sure I'll be posting about something, at some point! ;\) xx
  • Can I ask a weaning Q?

    If you aim to follow the 6 month guideline, should the 6 months be to the date or 26 weeks?
    I understand that if you wait then you only have a small window of opportunity to get them established.
  • James will be 25+6/6 months exactly when we start in a couple of days. I couldn't have got it much closer! :lol: Personally I was waiting until 6 calendar months. xx
  • I just started weaning today! It's Adam's five month birthday.

    I have started offering baby rice made up with his usual formula, about an hour after his breakfast bottle. So far so good! :\)

    I am planning on sticking with breakfast for a week or so (maybe adding some pureed apple to the rice) then progressing on to lunch.

    I can't belive I'm weaning!

  • Yay. Go **Cath**! :\) xx
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