Not baby related but arrrggggh

Sorry bout this rant but I'm so mad!
Our washing machine started playing up and we thought we'd get someone to have a look at it before it packs up. So this chap turns up and asks what the matter is with it. I explain the problem to him (something bout machine locking up with all lights coming on) and tell him it has been fine since we made the initial call and we have been using it without problem, we just wanted someone to check it over. So he pulls the machine out, opens it up, tips it forward to have a good look etc and says he can't find anything wrong with it, but he'll put some cleaning crystals through the wash to clear any potential gunk in the pipe. He puts the crystals in the machine and switches it on, all working just fine. I think, great no problem with machine, no great expense whoohoo. He leaves, machine is happily churning away.
A while later I go back into the kitchen to make my daughter's lunch and have the shock of a life time - it's under water!! Machine is pumping water out and it all pours out from under the sink! The idiot of a workman forgot to put the waste pipe back on and water was going everywhere else.
So I ring them and after some back and froing where they said it can't possibly their fault they said I tampered with the machine!! Yeah right, I'm 5'2'' and me and my 7 month old pulled the machine out to pull the pipe out! Now we have to go through trading standards etc, what a pain and my kitchen is a mess -ARRRGGGHHHH


  • OMG thats awful! I cant believe they trying to blame you! Are they stupid???

    I hope you get it sorted hun xxx
  • Thats awful. I hope trading standards sort it out for you.

    You have my complete sympathies with the waterbeing everywhere coz the 1st day Mark went back to work after paternity leave one of the pipes under our sink started to leak. I phoned him in a panic & he explained to me how to turn off the water but I got mistaken & the pipe came off in my hand & there was water shooting in all directions & our downstairs was covered!!!!

    I hope you havent too much damage??
  • my dad always says with washing machines, unless you can sort it yourself and its a simple problem like the filter ect dont bother calling anyone out just buy a new one bcoz they charge the earth and buy the time you have forked out the bill you could have bought a new one, and alot of them are useless cowboys! the bugger! hope he gets his cumupance and hope you get it sorted! xxx
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