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Hip scan??

Hey ladies my 1st post in baby my daughter Esmae was born on the 19th august 12 days overdue might i add little minx lol.

Anyways i have been told that she will need a hip ultrascan as she was breech at 32 weeks. they do this around 6 weeks i just wondered if anyone else has had to do this and was everything ok? little bit worried.

MJ +Esmae (5days)


  • My son had a scan at about 6 weeks as DH had hip dysplacia and it took 10 mins and it was all clear. I'm impressed you're getting it even though she wasn't born breech. Lucas was breech until 38 weeks but only got the scan due to family history.

    Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine.

  • we had this at 6 weeks as i was born with hip dysplasia (sp?) it took a few mins and we got told there and then it was fine, x
  • DD 1 was breech and I had a c-sect. I was told when she was born it was routine for breech babies to have a hip scan. I was a bit worried but it was all fine. Congratulations on your little girl .x
  • My lo was also breech and had her scan at 6 weeks - it only took about 10 minutes and was done with a small ultrasound scanner (bit like when you had your baby scan) with the sensor pressed against her hips as the scanner moved her legs around. They told me there and then she was absolutely fine image She was naked when they did it so put easy to remove clothes on her as I felt a nitwit fiddling with buttons on the lovely dress she had on!! lol.

    They kept saying to me it was a formality and no clicky hip or problem had been detected at her 48 hour check in hospital or during her routine 6 week check with the doctors so was unlikely to be an issue - try not to worry too much xx
  • Thanks for the replys ladies you have put my mind at rest.
    and thanks apple pie for the tip ill put easy clothes on that day lol x
  • My lo had hip scan at 6 weeks and another one at 8 weeks as she had dysplasia - there was not much improvement so the wanted to give her brace. Her next appointment was at 10 weeks. We looked online and found abduction pants. It looks a bit like swimming nappy, made from cotton though. My lo had them on all day and night and on the next appointment everything was ok. The scan itself is very fast and does not cause a aby any pain so that part is fine.
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