Is this a growth spurt? Or am I over feeding?

Hi girls,

Poppy is feeding non stop every hour!
I put her down in her bouncer and she starts crying
so I leave her a bit to check she's not just trying to
settle herself..she still crys so I pick her up and offer
he the breast and she feeds.. But this is happening
every hour..
How do I know if this is a growth spurt? Or I'm
over feeding?


  • it may well be, i have been told many times that you cant overfeed a baby as they cant hold more than they need in thier little tummies, how old is she?
  • I wouldn't worry about over feeding as Piggypops says it's not really possible.

    Could be a growth spurt easily! I would just follow her lead as you are doing!
  • She's just over 7weeks..but was prem so is
    really 3 1/2 weeks... She's very ratty and keeps
    doing enormous poos which isn't unusual for her
    but she makes a "pushing" noise and then there is
    a pomp and a woosshh and she's filled her nappy
    i've started combination feeding coz I don't feel that
    I have enough in my breasts so she's had 2 formulas
    today plus I'll give her one tonight...
  • Hugo went through stages like that and not at the 'typical' growth spurt times either! Sometimes it seemed that he was constantly crying if he was awake, unless he was on the boob and I worried I was feeding him 'just to keep him quiet'. But I figured if he stopped crying when I fed him, then that was what he was trying to tell me he wanted. I also found that it seemed that he needed to be fed in order to pass wind, almost like it allowed him to relax enough to fart and then he was a lot happier!

    7 weeks is still really young, so just go with it, she will sort herself out in time. Also, it may be that she's feeding as she's thirsty - is it hot at the moment where you live?
  • Sounds like a growth spurt and good for you for keeping up with her!!!! It'll pass in a few days.
  • i would go with growth spurt, they dont normally last that long, we seemed to have loads, i think the growth spurts are around 4,8,12 and 16 weeks x
  • I would say growth spurt hun - try not to worry abot overfeeding - if she is crying & stops when she is being fed then what else can you do? Hopefully it won't last for too much longer, fingers crossed she sleeps better than my LO who is also going through a growth spurt at the mo!! xx
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