millie waking more in nite for her bottle!

she was sleeping through at one point or if not would only wake once now shes waking twice and taking alot each time! she will never take more than 6oz of milk at a time though as shes only small. she feeds every 3-4 hours in day taking 4-6oz each time but in the evening after her 3pm bottle shes hungry after only 2 hours so again at 5pm so i give her some then and then her bath and then some at 7 b4 bed.i dont want to change her milk shes on cow and gate comfort and is brill on it, but any ideas what i can do? or just carry doing what im doing. between 8-12 weeks she only put on 8oz but between 12-14 shes put on 1lb! so alot in 2 weeks so she maybe having a growth spurt??! seems to be lasting along time lol shes nearly 15 weeks xxx


  • I wouldn't worry, you're doing all you can. It does sound like a growth spurt. Babies go through phases of sleeping well and then not so well. I dont think there's any need to change her milk either, a lot of mums swear by hungry baby milk but it didn't do much for Gabe. I still feed Gabe on demand and he has 7oz every 3.5 - 4 hours.
  • do u think she may want some food soon???
  • No. Probably not. I'd wait until 6 months if you can...I weaned Gabe at 16 weeks and regret it. He eats his food really well but next time I will wait as weaning is a pain!
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