Visiting a chemotherapy patient....?

Hi girls...
One of my very good friends is currenly under
going Chemo for her evil cancer which keeps rtning
... She's asked that I visit her as she is very poorly
at the moment and is stuck at home...

I'm just after some advice it okay for
my 8week (12week but prem) baby to be around
my friend? Does the treatment let off any radiation?
Or chemicals...?

As much as I'd like to see my friend...I
don't want to put my baby at risk?!!

Can anyone help? Have tried "google" it..
But not much info!



  • Sorry I can't help but would suggest you ring NHS direct for advice, that way you'll know for certain. I'm pretty certain there would be no problem but your daughter is too precious to put at risk xx
  • If shes having chemo then there should be no risk, its a chemical put into the system, by drip or tablet etc and would only affect your friend.

    If you and your baby are up to visiting her then go for it, it could really life her spirits and give her a boost through her horrible time xxx
  • Silly sausage i'm having chemo I have a nearly 9 month old. I had radiotherapy when he was about 3 months.

    Chemotherapy won't cause your baby any effects, the main risk would be to your friend (sorry babies just have lots of germs and if she has a central line for the chemo the possibility of it being pulled) the other thing is baby may not like the smell of your friend as yes you can smell the chemicals (a bit like when you have had a heavy night on the booze it seeps out your pores) but like when this happens it doesn't cause harm.

    The only time I have been quarantined from Dylan was when I had a very rare scan and they gave me radioactive isotope markers, but this was before treatment and it was made clear that I couldn't be near under 16s. If you are in anyway concerned ask your friend, but i'd say go and see her, your baby will probably cheer her up no end as will you if she's asked to see you image

    I wish your friend all the best

  • I agree with what dylansmummy says - you and your LO are more of a risk to her than she is to you! However, if you're both as snot free as possible then the benefits to your friends well-being of a visit vastly outweigh the potential risk of her catching any bugs from you. Hope the visit goes well and your friend is feeling better asap

  • Hi my mum underwent chemo when I was pregnant and I use to take her and was told there was no risk to me or my unborn baby. the only thing I would say is if you or your baby has even the slightest bug (cold or anything of the sort) then postpone your visit as your friend will be so much more suspetiable to picking up any kind of bug which could makie her very poorly
    Im sure your friend would love to be visited and meet your LO so i would go for it but as dylansmummy said be careful baby doesnt pull on anything she may have.
    With my mum-she diffently had the chemically smell. Also it might be an idea to arrange your visit around her "better??" days. she will probably know which days after her chemo she is feeling better then others (my mum was always very sick 2 days after the chemo but was better by day 5)
    I also took my mum to the radiotherpy she had to have and this was after Lizzie was born and I just had to keep lizzie over the other side of the waiting room as they couldnt be sure how far the waves would come past the barrier at the door (better safe than sorry I think rather than being a big problem) but I chose to take her with me as I had no one i could leave lizzie with and I wouldnt want my mum going on her own.
    Best wishes to your friend x
  • im with others your probably at more of a risk to her than the other way around, my gran is terminally ill with cancer at the moment and any sniff in our house means a ban from visiting, she has had all the chemo she will have but whe she was having it I visited her with my ds1 and when pregnant but again only if we were at 100% health and her immune system is shot to pieces basically during the treatment, now her treatment is finished she still has a weakened immune system as the antibodies are tryingt o fight the cancer and are 'busy' so things like a cold etc will overload her system.

    Im sure your friend would be very happy to see your little bundle of joy xx
  • Thankyou girlies for replying with all your experiences and advice- i was aware of the "effects" we may have on my dear friend IF either of us were poorly so will ensure that we are both 100% on Monday!
    She's such a lovely friend who really has been battling this evil cancer for far too long! Just as she turns a corner.. It slaps her in the face again!
    She has tried most treatments and previously had chemo which stopped working!
    Really hope me and Poppy can cheer her up alittle!! Xxx
  • She wouldn't have asked to see you if she didn't think you could do that!

    When you feel as bad as she probably does you only want the people you love and trust more than anything around (I have 2 people I let see me ill properly) your obviously an amazing friend

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