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Hi Ladies,

My 8 month son is a poorly bunny......not long after recovering from viral gastroenteritis from nurseryhas now caught a bad cough/cold. Whilst this seems to be on the mend, he has come out in a horrible red pimply rash on his face and all over his body image.

I wonder if it's a food allergy from nursery as the carer mentioned that the rash came up whilst eating cauliflower cheese, however I've given him CC before and this hasnt happened before. I called the doctor and he came out to see LO. He looked at his face but never examined his body as he was fast asleep in his cot and said it looked like a viral rash following his cold (which he knew about as I'd told him on the phone he was full of cold).

Has anyone else experienced this with their LO? If so, how long did it take to clear? It's been 3 days and doesnt seem to be improving. He's off his food, not drinking much fluid - drinking his milk but wont take water when he drinks lots normally and today has napped nearly 4 hours in the day which isnot like him (he usually sleeps 2 hours) and slept almost 12 hours last night. His nappies have been very loose too.

Thank you for your a little worried xxx


  • Oh no, you poor things, sorry can't offer any advice but didn't want to R & R. I hope he gets better soon xx
  • Thanks Lawso, it seems to have improved a little today so let's hope he on the mend! I've been warned to expect them to catch everything in nursery and be ill for the next year! x
  • Hey, I work in A&E and we see loads of kids/babies with rashes post virus, although my LO hasn't ever had it I know it does/can happen. Hope he continues to improve today xxx
  • aw poor wee mite my ds1 has had a few 'crazy' rashes in the past that have had me up the wwalls but have just been viral xxte image hope he gets better soo
  • Thanks ladies.....he seems well in himself although sicked up his whole breakfast this morning!! He's sleeping now so hopefully plenty of rest will make him better xxx
  • Hi, we had EXACTLY this last week and this week. The spotty rash on his body (which our GP also said was viral and linked to the cold) cleared up with the cold (which lasted almost exactly a week). However the face rash has gotten worse and I took him back to the GP yesterday. We think there were probably two rashes - one viral and one linked to food. So for the last couple of days have been applying hydrocortisone cream once a day to the worst affected areas and have cut all possible allergens from his diet (wheat, dairy etc). Once the rash is completely gone we will slowly reintroduce those foods and see if we can work out the problem.

    Another possibility is that the rash isn't an allergic reaction or intolerance at all, but actually caused by food being on his face during meals. To that end we are using a special barrier cream which we apply before meals, and then again after we have cleaned him up after the meal.

    Will let you know if we come to any conclusions!!

    Good luck.

    C image
  • Thanks for the tip about the barrier cream, will give it a try. His rash does seem to be clearing up - been using a warm wet flannel to wipe his face after food (usually use baby wipes) which seems to be helping also xxx
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