A couple of foody questions

Weve just had our 8 month check and the HV said its ok that the boys are trying to drop another bottle (they currently have 4 x 6oz bottles but dont drink them). However, they cant go that long between having something to eat. This is our routine at the moment...

6am - 6oz bottle
7am - Breakfast 50g (+ 150ml water) Porridge with 4 x fruit icecubes
10am - 6oz bottle (this is the one I think they will drop)
11.30 - Lunch 12 cubes - meat and veg then 5 cubes fruit or jelly
2.30/3pm - 6oz bottle
4.30pm - Dinner - Dairy Free Cheese Sauce with a bag of Ella's pasta and 4 x cubes veg then 5 cubes fruit or jelly
6pm - 6oz bottle and bed

Today they havent had the 10am bottle as they werent worried, but they were starving by 11.10am. This is too early for lunch but too late for the bottle and they need something. Would you give them a snack then (or instead of the bottle at 10am)? What would you give them as they cant have dairy so yoghurt and cheese stcks are out of the question??

Thanx...im a bit stuck!

This leads me to my second question...they still dont have the hand to mouth coordination to eat food themselves? Theyre 8 months on Saturday. How can I teach them to do this? Did anyone else have this problem?


  • I would prob give them a snack about 10ish instead of the bottle, for her morning snack my lo has things like humzinger, breadsticks, fruit or a baby biscuit she also has raisins and dried fruit but they're prob a bit small for your boys yet.

    I can't honestly remeber when my lo was able to feed herself but as with everything else I think its just a case of keep on trying until they get it. Mayb try demonstrate to them how to do it and then help them guide the food to their mouths x
  • yeah I would do a snack at 10am as well - that's what we did with Max whne he dropped milk feeds and now he still has a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon one. Crackers, breadstick, fruit, fruit bar, biscuit, Organix crisp things. I think the key to them getting hand to mouth is just letting them try and practice as much as poss - give them soem finger foods with very meal, this is what we did - some steamed veg or soemthing and eventually some of it went in and stayed in!
  • My LO is nearly 9 months old and his hand/mouth coordination has only just improved in the past few weeks. He seems to gag and be sick quite easily when trying to feed himself hard foods like breadsticks. But he loves feeding himself bread or toast - I tend to put some cheesy spread on them (he wasnt keen on butter) or some fruit puree (less sugar than jam!) Its super messy but just a case of letting them sit in their highchair with finger food in front of them to play and practice - I find that LO seems to eat better when I'm eating next to him so he copies me.

    With regards to your schedule - my LO also wakes up at 6am for a bottle, he tends to go back to sleep then for an hour and has his breakfast at 8.30am. You might then be able to cut out the 10am bottle. x
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