Help Please - Present for new mummy!!

Hi ladies,

Please could you help me? My very good friend had her baby yesterday and I have bought presents for the baby but would like to get her something as she's been a wonderful friend to me.

What did you receive or would have loved to receive after your baby was born? I make stuff and do photography but i'd like to just get her something for her that will be of some use and that is thoughtful.

Any ideas greatly appreciated! x x


  • Sounds a bit odd, but my friends bought me a box set of my favourite TV show! I loved it, as I could watch it quitely during the night feeds to help keep me sane/awake! It was probably one of my best presents!

    Or how about some pretty PJs or comfies (I have no idea what to call them, but I mean sort of nice trousers that you wear to lounge around in!)

    When I was BF I also LOVED eating cake/chocolates and was always over the moon when someone brought me some.

  • Maybe a really nice breastfeeding top? I looked for one when my friend gave birth but couldn't find one as didn't have enough time to look properly. I think Mothercare does them though, and independent maternity boutiques would do lovely ones. Or perhaps off the internet if you have time to wait for the post.

    Arnica drops can go in a bath to help healing sensitive areas.

    Maybe a box set of DVDs of something she would like for those long nights where baby will only sleep on her chest.

    How about a little book of vouchers like "an hours walk in the pram so mummy can have a nap" or similar.

    Finally - some freshly made food so that she/her partner don't have to think about dinner, and some snacking food and bottles of water for when she is feeding, Some sort of breastfeeding hamper? With food, water, nipple cream...? image

    Can't think of any others! Hope that helps!

    Cent x
  • meals/cakes/chocs, without a doubt!! We just didnt have the time or energy to cook. My mum came round with a meal now and again and it was such a relief to have something good to eat! Company was the other best thing, especially when hubs went back to work.

    Good on you for thinking of mum too!
  • My very best friend in the world made up a hamper of stuff I couldn't have whilst pregnant...pate, blue cheese, camembert, soft boiled eggs and a glass size bottle of champagne - amazing!

    I also loved getting boxsets - made the night feeds bearable!

    My sister also bought me a beautiful shawl which I use as a BF cover.
  • Wow thanks ladies!!

    We live about 2 hours apart so I can take cakes when I visit and I love the voucher book idea and breastfeeding hamper.

    I'm loving these ideas as I wouldn't have thought of them.

    She's been absolutely wonderful to me and has supported me when I lost my bean and I just wanted to say thank you and give her a reward for being a little star (and producing the most beautuful baby girl ever!) x x
  • I so wanted to buy one of these when I was expecting my first, but it was just too pricey & I couldn't justify spending that much.

    I bought it with my 2nd baby and it was a complete godsend! I've since given it to friends as presents and absolutely everyone has raved about it, saying it's a "must have" for going out.
  • friend bought my some bedhead shampoo and conditioner which perked me up every morning when i washed my hair and made me feel scrumptious again!!!
  • The boxset idea is a good one, I worked my way through Gavin and Stacey and the entire SATC boxset. Word of advice on that though, don't get hour long episode boxsets, it's too long and you end up staying awake longer than you need to so you can finish the episode (thats why I stopped watching House lol)
  • I have a breastfeeding apron and love it, I also have a babasling which I absolutley love so that might be a nice gift...I agree with the hamper idea, I would have loved that - also on there are such gorgeous baby biscuits! so expensive but I love them!

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