Feeding at 9 months

My boys have never been big milk drinkers, due to their numerous problems in the early days, but they dont even drink the lower required amount. Is this normal??

This is our routine at 9 months. They are allergic to cows milk so cant even add dairy into their diet in that way??

6.15am - Bottle 6oz, although they normally leave an oz
7am - Breakfast - Porridge, made with water as their milk makes everything taste awful, mixed with apricot and date/prune
10am - Snack - Half a banana each and a Ella's Kitchen cookie
11.30am - Lunch - Meat and veg followed by fruit or jelly
2/3pm - Bottle 6oz, although they dont always drink it
4.30pm - Dinner - Meat and Veg followed by fruit or jelly
6pm - Bottle, 6oz, although they only drink this if they havent drunk the 2pm one. Sometimes they dont drink much of either! I cant move this any later as they go to bed at 6.30 and I cant keep them awake any longer!

Part of me thinks I should drop the 3pm bottle so they drink the nightime one, although whether they drink the 6pm one or the 3pm one makes no difference to anything. They NEVER drink all of the 3 bottles, often having between 12 and 14oz a day. As they have no other dairy I know people cant necessarily comment, but what are your routines like at 9 months??

Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 9 months on Monday


  • Hi Gemma, My Lo is only 7 months but has never been a big milk drinker due to reflux. Our routine is simialr to yours though if it makes you feel better and milk intake during day ranges from 10-15ozs.
    6ish - 6oz bottle (drinks anywhere between 3-6oz)
    8ish - breakfast - cereal and fruit
    11ish - snack - breadstick / rice cake
    12ish - lunch - meat / veg and fromage frais
    3ish 6oz bottle (again may drink all sometimes only 2 oz)
    5ish - dinner - meat / veg and yoghurt
    6:30ish - 6oz bottle - only now drinks 2-3 oz if I'm lucky.....!
  • Hi Gemma,

    Grace is now 9.5 months and our routine currently looks like this:-

    6.00am Wakes up and plays in cot

    6.30am Bottle 8oz (usually drinks around 6oz)

    7.30am Breakfast - 1 Weetabix with cow's milk, 1 slice toast, fromage frais with fruit

    Mid Morning - Drink of diluted apple juice (approx 1 part juice to 4 parts water) - drinks 1/2 a tippee

    11.30am Lunch usually fish or chicken, and sometimes red meat meal, with veggies and poss yoghurt or fruit pieces

    2.00pm Snack of Ella's or Plum bikkie and an Ella's smoothie fruit pouch 1/2 tippee water

    4.30pm Tea usually a sandwich or similar (last night was philly and avocado) - sometimes a piece of cheese - salad pieces, fruit pieces

    5.30pm Bath

    5.45pm Story

    5.55pm Milk 8oz

    6.00pm Bed!

    Hope this helps a bit; I empathise with the milk as it must be difficult with the dairy intolerance. My HV tells me at this age as long as the diet is generally varied and plenty of liquid is drunk, then not to worry.

    Em xx
  • Hi,
    My Lo is the same, has never really loved milk and has hardly ever finished a bottle.
    He is now 9 montths and has a 6oz bottle in the morning, I use what's left in his cereal.
    We then give him a 6oz bottle at bedtime but he only usually has about 4oz.
    We dropped the 3pm one as he was just taking about 2oz.
    I can give more dairy products, so not too worried.
    My health visitor told me he needs to be on a pint of milk a day, which we are nowhere near.
    But my weaning book says 15oz, so you aren't too far off this so I wouldn't worry.

    My Mum always tells me when I was a baby I hated milk and as soon as I was weaned I cl;amped my mouth shut at the botytle and wouldn't take another drop! so she just stopped the bottles altogether!
  • Hi Gemmiebaby, if i remember correctly when my last baby was 9 months he only had a feed in the morning and at bedtime. I know coz that was when i stopped BF and that was when i was feeding him.

    I think the first one i dropped was the 2pm ish. He would have breakfast ie weetabix then a feed. He would have lunch, then a feed/bottle to settle (which i then dropped) when he went to bed for a sleep. I dropped afternoon and he had his tea and bottle/feed at bedtime.

    You will prob find they will take more if you stop one in the day, you could always give them the milk in a cup with their lunch as a drink?

    Gemm x
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