oh and baby

my oh always went on about having a baby.

now we've got one im worried about the lack of interaction between him and the baby.

like today, he's had the day off but not really 'been' with her. i know he has not had much contact with babies within his family.

he doesn't seem comfortable pulling faces or talking to her in that voice we all do. he just looks at her and smiles.


  • my oh is similar - i think it is a male thing. not all men are good with kids when they are babies but get better as they get older. i think men feel they might hurt them. also i dont think all men feel comfortable with been silly. if you are really worried talk to him and see how he feels. he might be really struggling. hope that helps. xxx
  • shes 7 weeks tomorrow.
  • That young theres no a lot you can really do. I've never had the problem, my OH has been fantastic from day 1, but wait until she's at a more 'fun' age. I'm sure he'll interact more then.

  • Don't worry about it hun. My partner use to say Grace was just a little blob that made a noise every now and then. lol. Now! he loves that she tries talking back, laughing at him pulling faces, and that he can hold her and throw her around without the worry about supporting her head as much.

    He'll change as soon as she gets more character.

    Lisa xxx
  • thanks ladies. she is smiling more and doing little giggles, me, my mom and dad manage to get them out of her, think hubby feels silly doing what we do.

    you've made me feel better!
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