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Hi ladies,

I want to buy a few toys for when baby arrives. What have you bought your little ones that they're really into? I'm going to buy a baby gym and mobile for cot but what else would be a good buy and what should i look for when getting them? Thanks xx



  • Something musical for the bedroom is nice too - we had an ELC buttercup cow I think its called bought for us and when we leave cole for naps/bedtime we always set it off so he knows its sleep time. Doesn't always work mind, but its consistency for him.

    I'd say as well as baby gym and mobile (not that we put ours up till cole was about 10 months old lol), a bouncy chair is a good idea - most of them have some kind of toy attached which at least in the early days lo can look at.

    My friends little girl had a mirror toy and she loved lookign at herself in it..such a poser!

    Oh..have you also thought about a pram toy? Cole had a soft toy one at first and then we were bought one of those steering wheels from ELC which was the first thing he really responded well to at about 13 weeks and he absolutely loved it and still does - I daren't ever forget it as the dirty looks I get make me feel so bad! lol!
  • We had a tiny love cot frieze with pictures in blue, red, black and white and also a mirror. We put it in the moses basket when Bethany was awake and she absolutely loved staring at herself in the mirror- so vain, lol! And the frieze was reversable with brighter colours and more textures on the other side for when they get a little older.
  • Thanks all. Think i'll just stick to baby gym, bouncy chair and mobile for now. I like the idea of sleeping with the comforter-will definately do that x
  • I wouldn't go mad either they don't know what they are, arn't really interesead & get frustranted as there not able for them till they are a bit older!

    However having said that, we've bought a projecter musical thingy that puts winnie the pooh and friends on the ceiling and it moves about in diffrent colours and he loves it and has done from a very young age! theu tend to as lights always seem to draw them! hth! xx
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