Funny things our babies say....

...or not lol

I'm sure I'm not the only one that this happens to so thought we could share our funny stories, now Im talking about little babies who cant talk yet but their mumble jumble sounds sometimes sound like words (or at least I think they do)..ok here's my boy is only 5 months...I'm pretty damn sure he wasn't chatting lol!!

lying in bed feeding LO and he came off the boob and looked at me and said 'mmmm it's good'

I just leant over to put him in his cot and he said 'oh dear'

looking forward to hearing what your LO' haven't said lol xx


  • We've definitely had a 'bl00dy hell' ! Adam was about 5.5 months at the time and I couldn't stop laughing! xx
  • Tyler is 9 months old,

    my auntie said 'i think he's tired' where Tyler said 'i'm not !'
    he also blatantly says 'tickle tickle' and 'bladey' (our cat)

  • We've definitely had a 'bl00dy hell' ! Adam was about 5.5 months at the time and I couldn't stop laughing! xx


    When my mum says to my lo 'aren't you a gorgeous little boy?' it always seems like he says 'yes' !

  • Sophie is only 4 months and today when we were in Sainsbury's she let out a very exaspirated sigh and shouted what sounded like "go" so loudly that the lady behind the till replied "yes you're going soon"
  • My lo is only 5 weeks but he has a sound which is usually when I'm changing his nappy that sounds like 'noooooo' makes me laugh every time!!
  • Hugo is nearly 9 months old and about a month ago my husband and I were in the living room and we suddenly heard 'Oh Blob!' on the monitor (Hugo was upstairs in his cot). We were in fits!
  • Cam is just shy of 8 months but shouts 'GAY' quite alot from his buggy which i find very funny and not at all inappropriate. He also shouted BOOBEEEEE in our music class! He copies absolutely everything at the moment so all he would do for about 4 days a couple of weeks ago was go 'quack quack' (well more gwak gwak')!
  • Jak's said what sounds like "'ello!" for months and months, love it!
  • :lol: I wonder if any of us thought a year ago that we would be interpreting all noises our babies were making as words!

    Emily is 6.5 months and regularly shouts Hiya, she has done this for a while and quite often times it just as someone is entering a room! She is a clever girl and way ahead of her months! :P

    I was feeding her tonight and when she finished, she looked at me and i swear she said 'mmm i needed that!' :lol: :lol:

    Oh the crazyness that comes with being a mummy! :lol: xxx
  • :lol: love this

    Finley is 5 months and says what sounds like "hello" every time he sees his Daddy.

    A few weeks ago I told him it was bath time and he said " o great" sounded so funny hubby and I couldnt stop laughing.
  • :lol:! All these clever babies!

    Oh Ladybird, I forgot we used to get 'hiya!' though not so much anymore.

    I thought I'd add that Jak's recently taken to saying "Mah!" when he puts his mouth on my cheek for a 'kiss'. I think it's because I give him kisses and say "Mwah!!!"
  • aww that is very cute!

    At the swimming lessons i take my dd to they get a rubber ducky to chase and chew. One of the mummies used to always say 'mmm peking duck' when her dd chewed on one, now her dd makes a noise which sounds like 'mmm peking duck!' :lol: she is about 9 months :lol: x
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