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Hello hun,
Howz faith doing?
I saw on teh age and weights post that you said she is 9mths and 15l;b. I know you have posted in the past about her weight. I just wanted to say I spoke to my cousins today and her lil boy is also 9mths and weighs 15lb. Hes not losing, just not putting it on. Some weeks he puts on 4oz others 1oz. This is when she is added full fat cream to breakfast and meals and sugar as advised by health visitor. He has been referred to paediatrician to have tests to make sure his body is absorbing all the right nutrients as he is pooing 3-4tims daily (sry TMI!) and they think he has a high metabolism.

Is she eating much theses days?...I try to keep up with everyone los!

I know this is prob a bit of a pointless post, but just wanted to say your not the only one with a low weight lo image


  • hi hun she doing ok she going in for lots tests blood on tuseday the week after US on tummy she ECG and sweet test. they wont make suer there nothing wrong how big was cousins baby born faith 8.6. She on Lactose free milk so she has have milk free food. she is sicky baby but sure why
    thank you asking
    carrie faith

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  • Hiya, hope Faith is OK hun. Hopefully they will find out why she is not gaining weight and it will be a simple solution, or she may just be a slow gaining baby and just be a lovely slim young girl when she is older image
    Big hugs. Sorry to gatecrash btw!
    Gabe is also gaining very slowly (1oz a week on average) and been told to feed him more by HV, I'm also trying to give him puddings, yogurts and also mash potato with butter, milk and gravy. Doesn't seem to be working though, but I think he may just be levelling out, for being a whopper when he was born.
  • He weighed just under 5lb at birth, only a wk early if that. My cousin hardly put on any weight and was constantly going for weight scans. He was always a lb less than my daughter although it has now 2lbs difference.
    Is it thats shes not taking the food or shes not putting the weight on if you dont mind me asking? Presume she's well in herself otherwise?

    tigerlily...ive taken note from people, that once a hv hears a baby has lost weight whatever centile theya re on, they think you must feed them mroe! Theres several reasons why los dont alwasy put on loads of weight, active, weaning begins, illness, growth spurt etc. Im sure if gabe was above the 91st centile your hv wouldnt turn round and say put him on a diet he must lose weight some would they!

    A friends baby was 7lb 10 at birth and was huge, by 6months that he got the nickname by friends and family as chunk. At 10mths I saw him and hes lots loads of the chubbyness, really noticeable. So he must have had weeks where he didnt put much on.

    Theres always something to be worrying about when you've got a baby whatever age hey!
  • she 75 and went down to 25 thline until she abot 26 week after that she lossing wight when sick one time she lost 11oz in week. she can but on normal amount on weight on she now near 2nd line she never bin good her milk when change her milk she was doing really well stop being sick and love her bottle but it never lasted and started to lossing weight again she bin butting weight on for the last 4 weeks so doing good.

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