Why me??

I think the nasty witch is coming back (my pnd)

I have had the worst 2 days ever and i have done nothing but cry and mope about today.

Matthew has cried all day long. I ended up phoning my HV in tears cos i just didnt know what to do. (she is coming to see me on friday which is ages away!!) Luckily my OH was off work today and took off me for a bit but it didnt really help tbh.

I just dont know what to do with him anymore. He gets up and is happy until his breakfast at 8.30. then he cries until 11 and has a bottle then falls asleep for 20 mins. then cries until 2pm when he has his dinner, then has another 20min nap and cries until tea time, then until he goes in the bath!! If i dont have a hold of him he screams! I am seriously rwady to just walk away cos i really cant cope at the moment. I know that sounds awful but i'm with him 24/7 and i hardly get a break! i cant go to family cos they all work and so do my friends. so i am practically alone all sodding week!!

Also, we built joshuas big boy bed today and he wouldnt go to sleep in it so we ended up putting him back in his cot and when he fell asleep we put him in his bed!

Life is so SHIT right now and i really have had enough!!!


  • girls, i am so sorry for you both. i hope you can get any help you need as soon as poss. tablets are great if they help - it's what they are for, so if you need them for a short while.......

    mummyheather - dont worry about joshua in the bed business - i think it is very normal to do it - bothe my boys were very excited but when bedtime came, they wanted their cot. i did just what you did - in cot, asleep, move them out, and within a week they were getting in their own bed, not cot. it will come, so dont worry about it. if you make a big deal with it, it could make him worse.

    i really hope you are feeling much better soon.
  • There's a group called Cry-sis you can phone for advice and a friendly ear, you can get the number from internet. How old is your baby, do you think he's over tired?
    Fortunately for me the nasty witch has never paid me a visit so I really don't know what else to suggest but i couldn't just read and run when you sound so down. Could you see your GP before Friday? Maybe you're just having a bad couple of days when you're knackered and everything gets on top of you. You have 2 small boys to run around after (who love you to pieces) so don't be too hard on yourself.

    Don't think you're awful for wanting to walk away, every mum feels like that sometimes.
    As for the bed, personally I wouldn't even try again til you've had chance to talk to someone and decide if the bitchwitch is back or you're just having a rough few days, another week or 2 won't make much difference.

    Hope you get something sorted soon, we ORDER you to come on here and get things off your chest when you need to don't we girls? =)
  • Hi Heather

    So sorry to hear you are having such a bad few days.I am in the process of having counselling for my pnd - do you know if you can have this in your area?.I know it sounds a bit wishy washy and not very practical but it has helped me so much I just can't believe it myself.

    Firstly you are doing so well coping with 2 very small children and having pnd at the same time.It may be just that you are having a bad few days it may not mean that the pnd is back.You have done so well to contact the HV even though she can't come till friday - well done you - pat yourself on the back.I find asking for help almost impossible.

    Do you know if they do homestart in your area - its a fantastic idea you get a visit from someone for so many hours a week and they will help you with looking after the children or just provide a friendly face.I was offered this help but I didn;t take it up.!!
    Things that have helped me are

    1.Thinking about the good stuff you do during the day and not the negative stuff.
    2. Get out of the house even to the coffee shop or a baby group or a walk to the park.Your little one may fall asleep for longer in the pushchair and give you a rest.He sounds like he has trouble getting into a long sleep during the day.
    3.Make time for yourself even a soak in the bath or something ( good advice I should do it myself!!)
    4Try to do stuff to make your life easier.
    5 Don't worry about what other people think.


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  • argh!!! he's exactly the same today! I'm rining the doctor cos i've had enough!!! There has to be something wrong with him. I am so depressed by it, i just cant do it anymore! I really cant!!
  • Cant get into the f*cking doctor!!! I'm sick! I dont know wot else to say but i am at the final straw now!!! x
  • oh hun! my fecking docs is just the same! can never get in! i would ring up and insist on seeing a doctor! easier said than done i know, with the snotty cows on reception! i really feel for you sweet.xxx
  • i'm taking him to the treetops ward at the hospital and i'm not leaving until someone sees him! I am adamant something is wrong with him! am i over reacting? xx
  • no no i dont think so. babies dont cry like that for no reason, ide put money on acid reflux thb, does he have a sore bum and diarrhoea alot? xxx
  • no not really. sometimes his poos r runny but not all the time. He had that whenhe was younger but the gaviscon didnt help and i assumed he's grown out of it cos he stopped being sick all the time x
  • i think acid reflux is different,, they arnt necceserily sick with acid reflux its the pain caused by the acid in his tummy and gullit. harri has reflux but not acid as never really cried with it was just sick alot. he only cried a bit at feeds. was gonna suggest lactose intolerance coz that gives them really bad tummy ache but my hv said they will usually have diarrhoea alot and sore bum all the time so prob not that.xxx
  • Cud be a flare up hun. As long as you feel you doing something to help, that will help you too. Coming on here and chatting will help to as ur not bottling it up. PND doesn't just go away hun, it can take up to 2 yrs to completely recover and that will inc sml relapses too so your not alone - I've just been thru a sml relapse myself. Hubby sent me home to my mum's for 3 days with our youngest and it did help just being somewhere different.

    Regarding moving from cot to bed - with our 3 older ones, we took one side of the cot off for a while so they got used to there not being something all the way round them. Maybe give that a try, it mite make the transition a little easier.

    Take care and hope you get some help xxx
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