Recipe ideas for my 8 month old?

My little girl is 8 months and she only likes very bland tasting foods. I'll be totally honest and say i use jars most of the time. I've tried cooking for her and she just spits it out yet she'll eat anything her gran gives her. I know she can eat most things now but don't know how to cook things really. I've never been any good in the kitchen. She's not a very big eater and i'm just struggling to add some variety?


  • Have you tried giving her what you are having? You could try saving some of your evening meal for her for the next day. That way she can try different things and you get an idea of what she likes. Iif she doesn't eat it you haven't gone too far out of your way making a seperate meal.

    I would also recommend the Annabel Karmel book for ideas. Good luck.x

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