dummies - do you let your baby fall asleep with one?

my 5 week old son has a dummy - he loves it - he's v sucky!!

i don't mind him having it apart from sleep times- sometimes he can fall asleep with it in his mouth and not notice when it falls out and has a lovely long nap. but sometimes when it falls out it wakes him up and he grizzles and cries for it. do yoiu let your baby fall asleep with a dummy in and how do you get around the problem???

thanks,marie x


  • yep we do. Ollie had his dummy at nap times and bed time, and sometimes it falls out and he wakes crying.
    We got around that by giving him one to hold in each hand, and putting some in the same place in his cot so if he does wake he knows where they are and can settle himself down again.

    Ollie had a dummy from about 2 weeks - it was either that or my nipples! :lol: Now he only has it for sleep, or if he's really really grizzly.

  • My baby is 5 weeks and he does fall asleep with a dummy. He has it for about half an hour after going to sleep then spits it out, he doesnt seem to notice it's fallen out though, lol. x
  • my baby has a dummy when ever she shows signs of being grumpy or tired, it falls out of her mouth sometimes it wakes her up smetimes it doesnt some times i am up every hour through night putting it back in. its like an on off button tough sometimes its the only thing that stops her crying, shes four months old now i was told by ten months they can put it back in only six more for me to go then!!!! Also it is good for a baby to suck before sleeping lowers chance of cot death
  • yes we use a dummy and it does fall out, sometimes he ignores it and other times he fusses but it only needs replugging a couple of times until hes into a deeper sleep. sometimes he would put it back in himself but this was easier for him if it had been attatched to one of those dummy chains.
  • evie goes down with one but usually spits it out within 5mins and it doesnt bother her at all, we are quite lucky, she just goes to sleep. xx
  • Kara sleeps with one and then she spits it out and doesn't want it again so we are quite lucky.
  • Lily is 41/2 months and has always fallen to sleep with a dummy although it was starting to be a problem when she cried for it at night. But she has now just discovered her thumb and is using a dummy less and less.
  • Ruby used to and used to get very upset when it fell out but now she must be so fed up with it that she hardly ever wants it now. If I try to give it to her and she doesn't want it she'll stick her tongue out so I can't get it in! Fair enough, at least I don't have to worry about weaning her off it! xx
  • Yes we do, it's hard work at that age, dummies seem to be too heavy for them to keep them in, when they get alittle bigger they manage to keep it in better!
    They say now that it helps prevent cot death too!!!!
  • josh is 15 weeks now and has had his dummy from about 8 days old (i know, but he couldnt keep sucking my or his daddys fingers) and he has only ever wanted it when he is tired. it falls out when hes asleep and sometimes it wakes him, but mostly he doesnt notice. if he doesnt want it he either spits it out and hits it away or clamps his mouth shut.
  • Harry's had a dummy since he was three weeks, but he doesn't go to sleep with it. I don't stop him but most of the time i forget after his bottle and he just goes in his cot and is off to sleepyland pretty quickly on his own (what an angel... nothing like his daddy!) but he does have it in the day as he tends to fight sleep in the daytime and it settles him pretty well. X
  • hiya,primrose has alwys had a dummy,if and when shes wanted it,studys have shown that they to not make there teeth push forward or slow there speach down and remember they reduce the risk of cot death when they have them to help them fall asleep!x
  • blake is 13months and still falls asleep with his dummy but once asleep he spits it out then puts in back in again if he wakes up!
  • fin is 10 months he has his to sleep with but when he does fall asleep it drops out and he doesnt wake up till morning for it
  • we have a similar problem, Ryan loves his dummy. We only use it for sleep / nap time. In the day he has it to settle then usually spits it out but at bedtime he cries for it back each time it falls out. After replacing approx 5 times he finally falls asleep. When well asleep he doesnt wake for it back. It is a pain that he needs it now so much to settle and I wish we hadnt got this far with it. We are not looking forward to the time for weaning it away!
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