How Many Children Do You Have

i am just wondering how many children you all have? me and my partner have 2 one 2and a half and one 10 weeks we live in a 2 bed and he works full time, im currently looking for part time work, i would love to have another but he doesnt think we could manage does anyone have 3 kids in a 2 bed?? we wouldnt stay here forever but whil they are young. whats your opinions???


  • I only have the one up to now. Are your children the same sex? If not, don't mean to put a downer on things but I think ther is a law against them sharing a bedroom past a certain age, not sure what age though! But if your kids are the same sex and their bedroom is big enough then I don't see why they couldn't share! If you think you can manage then I say go for it! xxx
  • i only have one in a two bed but would love to have more eventually. i think there is a law too, but pretty sure it's about age 7 but don't hold me to that, and i wonder if room dividers makes it ok. if they are the same sex you could easily have bunk beds, or even childrens beds aren't that big. if the room is on the small side.
    how long is not long, don't forget number 3 will be in a cot for a considerable amount of time too. and remember if they do all stay in the same room bedtimes will be a nightmare as they get older and want to chat/play. i thik though tbh when the time comes to plan you'll be surprised at how many solutions you come up with on a needs must basis..... good luck
  • yes my two are the same sex both boys i know once they get to oldand if the next one was a girl would have to move, but plan to have an extensions within the next 4 years anyway even if we still only have 2.i really want another one love my children wish money wasnt a problem then id have a football team! lol
  • I have three children 6,4 and 17 weeks and I would LOVE one more. I also have two step children aged 10 and 8.

    The law regarding children sharing a bedroom only applies if they are diffrent sex which at the moment they aren't. As far as I am aware different sex children can share a bedroom until their combined age adds up to 11, therefore if you had another pretty soon then you would be ok for a while.

    You get a great set of bunk beds that are single on top and double on bottom so this would work for when they are a little older if space was still an issue. I would go for it personally speaking
  • you'd be suprised how many u can fit in a 2 bedroom. I was still at home when I had lo so after he was born there was my mum,dad, sister, me, lo abd oh was staying with us too. ha ha bit of a squash x
  • hi kthom there bedroom is huge i shared with my sister for 14 years and our room was half the size how many bedrooms do you have??
  • OMG I didnt even know there was a law against different sex kids sharing a room. I knew for practical reasons obviously it was better for them to have seperate rooms but I honestly never knew there was a law against it!!! I guess you learn something new everyday!!

    I have 2 girls at the minute & we are ttc our 3rd. We live in a 3 bed though our 2nd bedroom is a good size our 3rd is only big enough for one. Our plan is for Amy & Zara to share the bigger room to free up the smaller room that is currently being used as a nursery for the next baby. If the next is a boy will will stop at 3 but if it is a girl we might try for 1 more. Our main reason is that we know we couldnt afford to move to a bigger house & tbh we like where we are anyway but if no 3 was a boy & we went again & no 4 was a boy it would be too cramped for them in the smaller room if you know what I mean.

    I wish money wasnt an issue either coz I could happily just keep going on for a football team too!!!! LOL
  • thanks for your replies, yes wouldnt it be lovely to win the lotto this week!
    so far no one with 3 kiddies in one room though i would love to have another so much dont want that clouding my judgementor making the kiddies suffer, alothough im sure they would have lots of fun at bedtimes!.
    will talk things through with oh tonight we can afford it its just the bedroom situation but we would extend evenutally so would be maxium 4-5 years untilwe had another 1or 2bedrooms. as for the car has anyone got three car seats in the back??
  • I have 4 children Jacob 12 Megan 8 Alice 3 and Isaac whos 1, at the moment the 2 girls share a room but sometimes the age difference between them is very obvious, luckily we have had our garage converted in to a toy room and if in a few years they dont want to share then we can always use it as a bedroom.
  • In answer to your q mummy to 2 I have three bedrooms now. But when I first met oh we got a 2 bed house and when his two children came to stay at weekends the three kids shared a room- infact the wee rascals all lay in the one bed!!

    TBH my two oldest (boy and girl) share a room and will do until the baby is ready for a bed. They have seperate beds (bunks) and are 6 and 4. I will def seperate them when lo is about 2.
  • Hi, not got the bed problem as we moved to a 5 bed house 2 days b4 finding out we were having our third!
    However, we had to buy a new car, We had a BMW 3series estate which def wouldn't fit 3 car seats in the back! We ended up buying a Cirtoen Grand C4 Picasso (7 seater or 5 and huge boot) which we love!
    My sil's having her third in Sept and has 2 boys and scan looks like a girl! As her eldest is 9 and youngest is just 3, the younger 2 will share and she's heard they'll not be allowed to share once the eldest is 7. Then, the boys will have to share to give the girl some space! lol
  • this law things has been bugging me so i tried to look it up and couldn't find anything but i did find this on another chatroom

    'The "law" you're talking about relates to official overcrowding in terms of being eligible for a larger council/social housing house and it generally only involves siblings of the opposite sex over the age of 11 sharing a room. But its only a guideline to help allocate housing not law.'

    hope that helps, i'm sure whatever you decide you'll be fine anyway, love is what children need, and, if they happen to be a bit cramped until you get an extension/ new house i doubt it will cause that many problems as they are young. good luck hope it all works out for you image
  • Hi I have 3 - Will is 12 and Emily is 9. Sam is 24 weeks. As we are in a 3 bed I can't put Sam in with Will as he will be revising for exams as Sam is Toddling!!!!
  • hi. i have 5 kids and live in a 3 bedroom house. my 3 older boys share the biggest bedroom, my girl has her own room which is the smaller out of the 3, and archie is still in with us at the mo . he is nearly a year old and will be moving in to the boys room soon. they have 2 sets of bunks but he will obviously be staying in his cot for a while yet. their room is very big so i don't really worry. xxxx
  • hi my lo is 3 months and we live in a 2 bed so fine at the mo, but got a bfp (!!!) today so may be tricky soon. but i always got on really well with my sisters and so did oh with his bro so hopefully the los will too!
    dunno if you watch grand designs, but recently there was one where 2 girls and a boy had been sharing a room, they moaned about it but in the new house they had their own rooms and said they missed each other!
    also in the times today was about a woman with 12 children, so must be quite a bit of room sharing there!!
  • HI we have 3, zara is almost 17 Daniella is 11 and Paige is 9months we have a 2 bed so lucky we have all girls......not too sure on the age limit of brothers/ sisters sharing, i always thought it was when the eldest reached 12 but my brother and his wife have a 2 bed council flat and the have a boy of 13 girl of 7 and girl of 3 all in the same room and have been asking to be rehoused since they had the youngest 3 yrs ago and they are still waiting, so if the council can keep them waiting with their 13 yr old son sharing with his 2 younger sisters then the age i thought is wrong surely?

    oh i'd just like to say i'd love a fourth but its just not possible in this house we'd have to move first, my dh wasnt keen at first but he's slowly coming round to wanting another i think its cos our youngest is so good
  • thanks big mumma i want another one so much i really regret waiting for the second should have had them closer together but then i suppose i wouldnt have had alfie!. have spoken to my oh his dead against it still so think i will end up waiting until we extend or have a loft conversion!. sure we will have another boy though as my oh family is all boys his one of 6 all 12 cousins are boys and weve had 2! lol dont know if its possible to only havemale sperm but theres def something going on there!!! but oh still said no just incase its a girl!! lol
  • We have 2 girls, Hope is 1 next month and Abigail has just turned 7. We rent a 3 bed house so both girls have their own room although Hope's room is really tiny. We are hoping to move to our own bigger house when our finances are sorted in about 4 years, then have at least 1 more baby. We would have another baby sooner if we could as i know we would manage ok with the bedroom issue its really the fact that we can't afford another lo at the moment. As long as the kids are happy to share then i can't see a problem!
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