help needed re: baby eating UPDATE AFTER APP

I am really finding it difficult to get Oskar to eat anything. Some of you may have seen in a previous post that Oskar suffers from really bad reflux so he is in pain and sick all the time. He was referred to paed at 5months old and we will finally have his first app next Wednesday. The dr also said to start weaning at 5months to help ease the discomfort.

Well he is now 6 and 1/2 months old and still in the same situation as he was. We found that homemade or shop bought purees made his reflux worse giving me multicoloured sick and him a lot more pain so that our limited sleep at night due to pain went down to non existent. So we decided to try BLW which was ok at first but has gone down hill as time goes by.
He will not accept anything in his mouth unless he does it - he wont take anything off a spoon at all and anything I manage to put in his mouth he spits it straight back out. A month and a half into weaning he still refuses to swallow anything except maybe half a biscotti if he holds it himself. Everything else he puts in gums,chews and then spits out again. So doesnt actually eat anything credible.
My ds1 was on 3 meals a day by now and eating anything we gave him so this is very different.
To make matters worse he refuses to take a bottle at all (that plastic again) I bf him when I am at home but I work full time and express at work for him. He refuses to drink anything all day while I am at work and we have tried all of the different bottles, sippy cups, doidy cups etc but he wont have it possibly getting a max of 1oz all day. Couple that with no food and max of 2oz of juice/squash (dr said to give him whatever we can to get him to drink) by the time I get home he is starving and I spend a lot of evening time and night time feeding him.

What I am wondering is if anyone has any tips of foods to give that their babies can feed themselves and actually eat it. I have tried all fruit/veg/toast/cheese/pasta/potatoes but nothing appeals enoguh to want to swallow.

I am sorry for the long post just wondering if anyone has been through similar and what they did to help LO gain weight as I know this is going to be a big issue on Wednesday

Thank you for reading if you got to the end

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  • I'm sorry you are having so many feeding problems, it must be a nightmare for you. I can't really offer much advice as I'm new at this, my LO is the same age as yours but I do know that he loves porridge and weetabix. I mix both with expressed BM and it might be worth a try, wishing you lots of luck xx
  • There are certain things that you should consider but always depend and ask things from your doctor so that they could do some thing about it. It is very difficult to be in that situation especially if its your baby that does not eat anything. Just make sure that he has an ample amount of formula awaiting for him.
  • he wont eat porridge of weetabix as it requires a spoon. he also wont have anything warm.
    he doesnt have formula as he is bf. this is why he wont have anything during the day as i am not there and bottles cups etc are a no go
  • All I can say is keep persevering, one day he will take a bottle or some food. What's his weight gain like? If he's progressing along his line, then I would try not to worry. Have you tried the avent cup that has a squidgy teat? Might be worth a go. What about the feeding spoons, where you put the food in them ready. I'm sure you have but have you tried tactics to take his mind of what you are doing? I sometimes sing songs to get his attention and then go for it, once he has a taste, he keeps going. Or give him a spoon in each hand to play with, so it keeps him occupied.

    Don't be afraid to ask your GP and HV for help, that's what they are there for. Hope others can offer better advice xx
  • I have a LO who won't eat off a spoon, though none of the other problems - I really feel for you. I realise it might not help, but my LO's favourite foods are those with garlic. Not sure how this affect reflux, it might make it much worse, but Tess wolfs down anything cooked with garlic - courgettes, bread dipped in garlic butter (naughty I know), meat. Her absolute favourite is pork chop - just the meat bit, not the bone - cooked with garlic and sage butter and she also likes sausages - she's a right little carnivore!!

    So meats and garlic - worth a try??
  • thanks for the advice so far. unfortunately have tried everything suggested. wont drink milk from anything no matter the spout. he wont open his mouth - clamps it shut , if we get anything in he will either scream or spit it back out. if he puts anything in himself he will get the taste and then spit it out and it wont go in again no matter what.
    due to this having gone on for nearly 2months,drs saying just wait for app at hospital as there is nothing they can do his weight has suffered. he was born a healthy 8lb12oz but his weight has been slowing down so he has been dropping the percentiles he is now below the 25th percentile. Will be weighed at hospital on Wednesday.
    Today has been another testing day for my mum while I was at work. I fed him at 6am this morning before dropping him off with my other son. I picked him up at 6pm to feed him again to find that he had a total of 1oz of juice and a small piece of biscotti all day - thats all in 12 hours. Now I have fed him he has been sick due to his reflux and is in pain. Oh well not long to go.
  • ;\)
    Well we finally had the long awaited appointment last Wednesday after 2 months of waiting and Oskar suffering and what a day it was. We were there for 4HOURS! image
    They weighed him and to my shock he has put on less than a lb in 2months image So now he is below the 25th percentile for weight after starting as a chunky monster!!!
    They also measured his length. Again when he was born he was way up in the 91st percentile for length becuase they said it was his length causing all of my complications before he was born. Well he has completely stopped since last measurement and is now below 25th percentile as well!!
    They did say that at least he looks in proportion and that nobody could tell he has problems. - A woman in the waiting room thought he was 4months old (he is 7 months next wednesday!)

    They have given him Omerprazole (sp) and agreed that we were right to stop the gaviscon and Lactulose.
    They are now focusing on what is making him so sick and causing him to refuse food so we had a day of test etc.
    1. He had lots of blood taken :cry: took them 25 minutes of him screaming with needles everywhere trying to find a good enough vein
    2. The consultant agrees that I can abandon the idea of using a spoon and purees as they obviously agravate his reflux making him worse and said the way to go is BLW!! giving him whatever he wants whenever he wants just to get him to eat something.
    3. We had to see a dietician on the day as they feel he is allergic to all things dairy (similar to my milk allergy) So now he is on a completely dairy free diet for finger foods and I am on a completely dairy free diet as I am still BF him and despite the gp saying it didnt all of the consultants we saw on Wed said that whatever I eat goes through my milk to him. This has been added to my already completely wheat free diet (what interesting meals I can have now :roll: )
    4. He has got to see a speech and language therapist to check that there is nothing wrong with the shape etc of inside his mouth that might give a clue as to why he wont swallow food

    We go back in October (or earlier if he gets worse) where they are then going to decide if they need to do scans etc on him to check his internal parts especially in his oesophagus as he seems to be forever getting sick/milk/juice etc going into his lungs as well causing him to sound like a crackle monster.
    So now we have to concentrate on getting him to try as much as possible every day (8 different meals in total) in the hope that he will actually start to take something. They said that he can have anything he wants as long as its dairy free (what a diet to be on image )

    Thank you very much for all of your suggestions ideas. Hopefully now we might get somewhere and then he might start sleeping for more than half an hour through the night and so can I!!!

    Sorry for such a long post hoep it wasnt too strenous to read
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