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Rosehip Syrup

I know years ago people used to put rosehip syrup in babies water so they would drink it. Can you still do this..... does anyone know the guidelines? My lo doesnt like water and thought that putting this in would make it better but wasnt sure if its the done thing nowadays!


  • Never heard about it but am intrigued! Isn't it a bit too sugary?! Then again baby juices are quite bad too.

    Lo is nearly 4 months and I bought him some Cow & Gate baby juice to see if he'll drink water. No luck! Will try again tomorrow.

    He's a bugger, he used to drink water great when he was tiny. Then about 8 weeks he started refusing it!!!
  • I wouldn't, it's almost pure sugar! It's also really, really hard to buy in this country. My oh used to have it as a lo and decided to try it again, he couldn't find it any where!
  • A 4 month old baby should NOT be drinking water, they get all the water they need from breastmilk & formula. Giving them too much water can interfere with their body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in breastmilk or formula. Babies shouldn’t drink water until 6 months & then only a few sips from a cup. 

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