Where is Mrs Setters??

any one 'seen' her she's usually on but haven't seen a post from her in a wee while hope all is ok x


  • lol you are on a missing person's mission! Lucky i am a be stalker! :P I saw a post in Born in May (i think) and she has came back under another name image x
  • Yes, she decided to leave after a heated debate. Which is very sad cause she's been a mindful of knowledge to me & a lot of ladies here image

    Jayne xx
  • aw thats a shame she is a very witty lady and had me in stitches a number of times, i'm almost sure who posted about her lo licking the cat I still laugh about that xx shame x
  • she's incognito. the comment that made her leave was totally unjustified. in that particular thread she hadnt even said anything controversial! image
    she is missed. image
  • i must have missed it which isn't like me lol
  • She's still around - she's just under another name which I won't mention as that would defeat the purpose! You'll know her when you see her image
  • That's a shame, I too was wondering where she was. I'm all for people sharing opinions but to make things personal is just out of order.
  • She's under a new name - I only knew it was her because someone on a thread she'd posted on refered to her as Mrs Setters :lol: Hmm, do you not think she changed her name so as not to be recognized?!! Hahaha!!!

    So she's still around, she used to make me laugh too x
  • Ah stuff it Mrs Setters, change your name back and be proud of your opinions!
  • I agree we love you!!!!
  • Bless you all. Hola!
  • lmao!!!!!!! hola xx
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