0.5 or 1 tog sleeping bags?

I can't find some anywhere! LO is only 2.5 weeks but refuses to be swaddled and kicks off her bedding, problem is our house is so warm, even having our bedroom window open before bed I can't get temp under 21c! Anyone have any suggestions? Xxx


  • try tk maxx, they usually have quite a few in a range of sizes and togs, or try ebay for second hand and/or new ones...personally i think grobag are the best brand of sleepbag, the shops own toend to be quite a bit shorter meaning they grow out of them sooner. also as ur lo is still v young, they don't recomend sleepbags for babies under 7.5lb, not sure how much ur lo weighs. hth xx
  • I have a very thin, inexpensive sleeping bag from Tesco (about ??4 or ??5 I think). It was just off the rack with all the other baby clothing. It's so light you almost wonder if there's any point to it, iykwim!
  • amazon sell 0.5 and 1 tog and they are cheaper than other internet sites (and free delivery!) the 0.5 tog would be perfect as they are just the thickness of a thin cotton sheet
  • i have a 1 tog grobag. im sure you'd be able to get them online.
  • They sell 1 tog in mothercare and Iv found 0.5 tog on ebay, however if your house is warm I wouldnt bother with a blanket. My bedroom has been consistantly over 22 degrees and have only put a blanket on lo in the past few days when its dropped below 21 degrees and been colder in the morning (she is 13 wks now)
    I found putting a blanket on plus long sleeve sleep suit gave her heat rash in the first few days so I stopped with the blanket and she has been fine, she never seemed cold to touch either (but regualrly suffers from cold hands so used the suits with scratch mits on and covered her hands) X
  • My bedroom is around the same temperature and I use a 1 tog, like others I didn't spend a fortune and got them from Matalan and Asda - I have 3 in total which is great as there is occasionally a leaky nappy so always got one or two to hand as spares! lol. I don't use any blankets basically if the room is more than 22 degrees then I put her in a vest with the 1tog sleeping bag, and if it falls below that then I put a vest and sleepsuit on with the sleeping bag and that seems to suit her fine.

    If she's just in a vest and the night drops cooler then I just pop her in a cardigan over the top if she wakes up and I think she's on the cool side.

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