Hello, Hello,

How gorgeous to hear from you...!! I have hardly been on BE since Harry was born, so it was just fab to have you answer..!!

I had a brain wave in the middle of the night (as one does..!) and put the bumper on the outside of the cot on the rail sides and on the inside at the head and toe end... I know this sounds odd..! But it means that if my little wiggler gets up to the sides there is still air coming in... which is really what I was concerned about... we also got a Safa Cot thing which goes across the cot to make it smaller... and I have put teddies on the other side of it...! I know I was fussing... but I am now happy that he has a safe and cosy place to sleep..!

He has been in his own room since day one and thankfully he took the transision from basket to cot in his stride..! phew..!

So how are you and your little man doing... well not so little now - - he must be nearly 7 months..! are you back at work...? Actually, I can't remember how you left that...? Have they been in touch at all..?

Harry and I are doing well, we didn't manage to breastfeed, but didn't get hung up on it luckily..!! I am all boob and no nip... so it really didn't work at all... with a huge amount of trying and effort, it was making me miserable, so we gave up and have been thriving ever since.

He is growing like a weed....!! and is 10 weeks tomorrow and last time he was weighed was 11,11. He had his first jabs last week, and didn't fair well....! A full weekend of sickness so I am not looking forward to the next ones.... !

Tell me how you are getting on.....!? and I would love to see some piccies... I really have no clue as to how to put photos on here....!!! Do you..??

Lovely to hear from you...
A xx


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