Can anyone recommend a good highchair?

Hi folks,

My baby is only 3 months so not weaning antime soon hopefully! Would like one he can sit in soon though as we spend alot of time in kitchen and at table and he is interested in seeing whats going on?

My two year old has a handy-sit and the one he had when tiny was borrowed and rubbish tbh!

Any ideas I'm thinking something that reclines?



  • bruin (toys r us ) playa high chair mine is in fruity (kind of pear colour with colourful big fruity pictures on.) it has reclining seat deep food tray with removeable mat and huge toy basket underneath it still folds very flat and the wipr clean seat cover is removable to go in washing machiene its very padded id really reccomend it!!!! it only cost me ??45 pounds xxxxxxx
  • Thank you sounds perfect!

    Just looking at it online and it also has ??5off! Bargain!!!! I'll head there soon as I have one close.

    Thank you again
  • We have a cosatto aurora delux plus and its rubbish!! We bought it because like you planned to have lo in it quite a bit but in reality it is horrible to clean, after less than a year one of the tray bits has snapped off, its very heavy and doesnt fold very small. Deffo stay away from it.
    We are planning on getting a very basic one from ikea (think they are less than ??10) and using that, apparently you get an inflatable insert for small babys but don't know what they are like, maybe some of the other mums would be able to tell you better.
  • hia i would reccomend the chicco polly seventy highchair its really good n my lo loves it . it reclines & u can adjust the height of it to wich is really handy it also folds up so its easy 2 store .it is a bit expensive but def worth every penny but its best if u look around cos dif places are sellin it much cheaper than some other places :\) hope this helps xx
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