6 bottles to 5?

wondered if i could pick your brains...

rafferty is bottle fed and is taking 5oz every 4 hours, at 8am, 12, 4pm and his bedtime bottle after his bath at 7pm. He then sleeps until 1am and then wakes for another feed at 3/4am and sleeps through until 7.45ish! everywhere says he should only be having 5 bottles a day but obviously in his current routine he is having 6! which bottle is he meant to be knocking out and how am i meant to impliment this? he was 7lb5 born and is now 11lbs at 7 weeks so he is chunking up nicely!

what are your thoughts ladies?

Keeley and Rafferty 7 weeks (tomorrow)


  • If he seems happy I honestly wouldn't worry about it at the moment - my lo was breastfed but until 10 weeks was having 6 breastfeeds a day, he went down to 5 (8am,12, 4,7 10) when he started sleeping through and we didn't make it down to 4 until he was weaned. I'd say it's probably one of the middle of the night bottles he'll drop, but he'll probably do that on his own soon enough, and only wake once rather than twice - but at 7 weeks I think he's doing ok. You could maybe try upping his 7pm bottle and see if it helps him sleep a bit longer - but that may end up strecthing him just a little bit and throwing your routine out, rather than just dropping one feed, if that makes sense - other than that my personal opinion is that I;d leave it be for the time being, 7 weeks is still quite young.
  • Grant is only 3+2 and hes on 3-4 hourly feeds between 3oz to 5oz but latley hes been taking around 4oz every two hours!!! HV says its a growth spurt and he is a very big baby (nearly 10lbs already!) so im putting it down to him being a big boy. Maybe Rafferty is the same and just needs more because hes big? x
  • Don;t worry about it- you lo will only have what they want and need! My lo fed every 3 hours in the day and less at night right up until 6 months! She was on 6 bottles a day and gradually droppped them by herself. I t will probably be the night ones that go to start with as they sleep longer!
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