Poo colour when weaning!


I've been weaning jacob now for the past 3 weeks and he loves it. I know that obviously their poo changes colour and tends to come out the colour of the food thats gone in! However, sometimes part of his poo is really dark almost black in colour. Most of the time its mixed with a variety of colours. I know that black poo can be a sign of bleeding but wondered if anyone elses LO had passed that sort of colour?


Julie x


  • What foods have you been feeding him? Louise's has generally become a pale brown but if I give her banana is becomes a very yucky brown with wiggly brown lines in it.

    And when she's had cow and gate sweet potatoe bake, its left an orange stain on her bum! lol
  • He's had all sorts. Vegatables and potato, carrots & veg, cottage pie, apple & banana.
  • black poo is normal when weaning and is a result of babies getting more iron! X
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