The HEAT....! How is it affecting your LO's ?

Hi all,
Just wondered if you have had any probs re the Heat ? My LO (7 months) was sleeping through but last 2 nights has woken for good 1-1.5hours not happy - gave water but still took me ages to get her re-settled. Also - she does NOT want her Milk last 2 days - particularly night time bottle - she took 1 oz tonight and then screamed......her room is sooo hot 27degrees. Bit worried about the milk drinking as I don;t want her to get dehydrated, although she has drunk a fair bit of water today. Does anyone else find that after tea their LO's don;t want their bedtime milk as they are full ?? S XX


  • urgh

    grumpy grumpy grumpy...........

    doesn't want to drink her milk as it involves sitting on mummy's knee and getting even hotter.....have had to put a fan next to my feeding chair in her room to convince her to drink her milk. Also she won't nap but then gets SO overtired.....

    I never thought I'd wish for it to cool down so much

    MN and DD 19+5
  • It's really not nice for DD (8.5 months) is being picky with her food and not wanting much milk but drinking loooooads of water.
    She gets irritable & doesn't nap as well as normal during the day. She also tends to wake a bit earlier in a morning when it's hot.
  • my little boy is 2 and half weeks old and this heat is just making him want to sleep, i have to wake him up for a feed, then he will just sleep again!!! nightmare as he is then awake ALL night as my flat is quite cool so he prefers the temp at night time! x
  • My LO is 20 weeks and she is really off her milk. She will NOT take anything if she isn't hungry and asked for milk herself. So we've had a couple of times she's gone 7 hours between feeds. She is usually asking at her usual 4hours, but she often leaves half the bottle where she usually nearly drains it.
    The same thing happened last time we had the hot spell and she went back to normal after 3 weeks of it, but I do worry as she will NOT drink water either.
    Such a tinker. In herself though she's pretty much ok, maybe a little more sleepy in the day.
    It's so hard for them isn't it poor little things.
  • Haiden is 11 months on Wednesday, and she is a grump! Sleeping is the worst, I'm exhausted xx
  • My DD is nearly 5 months old and so far the only thing different I've noticed is that she has longer naps in the day. A normal length nap for her was 30 to 45 minutes, but since it's been hot she now naps for 1 to 2 hours.
  • My 5 week old is really grumpy, sicky and overtired, I'm exhausted too x
  • My LO has been more difficult to settle at naps and bedtime. Been waking a little earlier as well!
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