Best double buggy? and age gaps between babies?

We're not even ttc again yet, let alone pregnant, but just thinking about my imaginary second baby... Which double do you have and would you recommend it?

Also, while we're on the subject (I am obsessed with thinking about next baby at the moment!), what age gap do you have and would you recommend that?! Really unsure when to ttc again!

Thanks :\)


  • I would have loved to try for another baby about now but obviously that wont happen now, I never thought I would have a child, but I absolutely love being a mummy, best thing in the world, age gap depends on the couple really about 2 years I think.
  • We've got silver cross pop duo and I love it! It fits through our doors, in the boot of our fiesta and both boys sleep in it. I'm going to try stop using it come the new year when Isaac is 3, so it will have had about 15m constant use. I would have been lost without it! I'd very much recommend it. In fact I may sell it on ebay!

    You probably already know but I have 23m between my boys. I always wanted a 2 year age gap, so they could play together etc. However I was not ready for how hard a 2 yearold and a newborn would be. Their needs were so different, 2 sets of nappies to change, a bouncy toddler at home all day not napping while newborn is up all night and crying all day. HOWEVER 10m on they are playing together and it is worth the hard work! Plus when Oscar was bron we had no idea that Isaac had development problems, so we had no idea how hard this year was going to be with trips to hospital, lack of talking and understanding language and his coordination problems. If I'd known all that I may have had a 3 year age gap.

    Can't wait to hear when you make your decision!

  • Ha ha coco I do that all the time. I would love a phil + teds but dh hates 3 wheeled prams so have seen the city jogger select?(I think that's it) that looks ace. I would like a 2 year gap, and will have to have that as a minimum to get my company mat pay but would like to have them close before I forget how much hard work a baby is!
  • hey coco image im glad you asked this question!! dd is coming up to 10months old and we are currently ttc. i really dont like the look of the phil and ted double pram where one is on the bottom and one on top.. i will be researching into this more so i will let you know what i find image
  • I like the look of the Obaby Zoom Sites-_-CPC-_-Froogle

    or the Baby Jogger City Select Tandem

    I can't comment on either of them yet, as haven't found a local stockist to have a play. We're due our second baby in february, and we'll have a 13month age gap xx

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  • well you know i like the baby jogger buggies and a friend who has twins has the baby jogger double. i think that looks fab.

    I do also like phil & teds, for if you have a newborn and a toddler. newborn can lie flat in the cocoon thing and it's not as wide as a normal double.

    Not that we're thinking of ttc or anything, i just like looking at other people's buggies! xx

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  • I have 26 months between my boys and we got the cossato duo light double and I hate it. So much so it has prob been used no more than 5 times and Alfie is 5 months now. It's so heavy and as we live at the top of a pretty steep hill I end up making Rhys walk half way so defeats the point and it doesn't fit in the boot of my corsa so no good when we go out as a family as I can only fit it in the front passenger seat. I also have a buggy board and that's fantastic would be lost without it.

    As for the age gap I love it and already I can they are going to be so close as they idolise each other. Rhys gets all of Alfie's biggest smiles and the first thing Rhys does when he wakes up is ask if Alfie's awake and if he can see him.
  • this is so funny - i have an imaginary second baby too! I am obsessed with double buggies and constantly eyeing them up in the street. We are ttc but i think a small gap is the best even though it will be really hard work at the start.

    Are you still on for 12th x
  • I personally prefer small ages gaps there will be 18 months between my children,am due no.2 in april and have DD who is 10 months old : )
    Reason being i like the thought of them being close,an instant play mate too. For me and DH its to get the nappy/bottle stage over in one go too,as if im changing one bum and extra is no more hassle!

    On the pram front i LOVE the icandy peach is so plush if not alittle expensive. Also like nimmy like the silver cross pop duo in red : )

    Stepford wife x
  • Hi I am due in October and cant wait! we will have an 11 month old as well! I think I 'll have the smallest age gap of a due bump on here! I conceived almost straight away! naughty husband! lol. I did warn him he only had to look at me and I'd get pregnant and he laughed!!! he calls me fertile murtle!

    My hubby has been having A LOT of his customers comment about their own siblings or childrens age gaps being similar or give or take a few months and always have positive things to say (phew) not that we care if they all said bad things! I'm an individual and how I raise my children will be different to everyone, I already have an 8 year old fantastic child so that was a massive age gap! but it worked for us!.

    Its the customers of his or my hubbys friends with age gaps where one is almost toilet trained when another comes that have had the trouble! so I'm glad the new one will be here before our baby is probably walking! who cares if I'll need two lots of milk or two lots of nappies?! I'll get over it!

    Things will no doubt be crazy for a bit but it will pay dividends when they are both toddling around and playing and will hopefully be extremely close!
    We are going for the P&T Vibe (new version V2) or the P&T Sport. Just need to test drive them one last time. I previously hated both! didn't like the idea of little one being near the ground, but I've seen so many happy little bundles of joy in their coccoons fast asleep! I'm convinced they are happy! and also seen quite a lot of babies in the double seat when on the back (past 6 months stage) happily sitting and watching the world go by or fast asleep (without lulling their head forward how I thought they might!) the fact is that I see approx 2 P&T sports every day near me or when out for the day! and ALWAYS the red one lol! so we'll be getting the Vibe to be different with a bit of luck!

    I like the idea of the upgrades to the new V2 version on the oxford pram centres website - we are miles from them but I have been there and they are amazingly helpful when you want to go test drive every double in the place and need demos! we had a right old bag in Mothercare and Babies R US showing us stuff and then John Lewis staff were so far up their own behinds they couldn't see us struggling to collapse a double pram! The oxford place helped us no end! so I've made a provisional appointment to go back in a month!

    I think its each to their own for age gaps though, whats right for me (11 months, and 7.5 years!) could be a nightmare for someone else! Dont get me wrong I'll be glad to get it over with I feel like I've been pregnant for 5 years! but at least I can concentrate on getting 'ME' back again after the birth rather than thinking 'I'll be doing all this gain in two years'! no chance! I wouldn't want to toilet train, wean, loose weight, get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and feel great to then fall pregnant again! I'd rather just gain all the baby weight one after the other then loose the lot! lol

    Go with your gut! if you want an age gap of two years/three/four/five its your choice and whatever you and your man feel good about! nobody elses opinion should really matter! If YOU want it, thats all that matters and will be just beautifully perfect for you and your family!
    Good luck and happy baby dancing! ;o) if you are already imagining your second baby it sounds to me like its much wanted already! especially if you're already considering doubles lol! so why wait? least you'll have all the fun just seeing if nature takes its course!!
    Good luck x
  • I will have a 2 year 4 months age gap. I have looked at so many doubles my head is swimming lol. The icnady peach and pear are lovely, expensive but lovely. Only Lily is quite long and it wouldn't be sensibly for me to get a double that she would only fit in for a very short time. Not that keen on the phil and teds but think that is our option at the min realistically. I like the Baby Jogger City Select and tried Lily in it the other day. I put her in an obaby side by side double and the seat was too narrow she was wedged in it! Then I tried the mothercare hoxton and Lily was squashed in the front so that was a no no! There is a new Britax one out too but for me it was huge and as I'm not that tall I felt silly pushing it it was that big with the doubles kit on....hubby however liked it!

    Good luck when you do decide to TTC. xxx
  • we'll have a 20-21month gap when this lo arrives in december, and we've just had our icandy pear delivered, using it in single mode for now with just ds, but obviously won't know for sure what its like as double until december...hwoever i love it, i love there are so many seat options and that u can use a carrycot which was a must for me (so ruled out the p&t and britax as carrycots can only be used on those in single mode), its not wide, it fits through our narrow door ways (why a side by side was out) and its not too long either ( a must as don't drive so need to be able to get it on and off buses easily) it in john lewis and it worked out at pretty much the same price as the baby jogger city select which was our other contender but that was 1.34meteres long! so waaayyyy too long for us. ds still has loads of room in the seat too. the peach was out for us as wanted airfilled tyres for up and down our stairs (basement flat) and the carrcot over hung at the abck and would catch on the stair above, plus at an extra ??400 it jsut wasnt' worth it, although the carrycot is much nicer on the peach, and its all more comapct, but that includes the seat units being smaller...quite liked the obaby zoom, but that doesn't convert to a single.....if length hadn't been a problem then would've gone for the babyjogger city select, as the lo's can face each other which i think is lovely, if stairs weren't an issue (or funds) then i would've gone for the peach i think as it is gorgeous! but if ur after a carrycot then there is only 3 that u can use a carrycot in doubles mode (as far as i could find anyway, and boy did i search lol) and thats the baby jogger city select (about ??680 for two seats+carrycot), the icandy pear (??685 for 2seats+carrycot) or the peach (??1k+for 2seats + carrycot)
    good luck when u start ttc xx
  • Hi we have a 17 month gap between our girls and it has been brilliant and they play together really well and had no jealousy we have got the phil&teds sport in black and i love it i just wish i had seen it first time round so i hadnt had to buy another pushchair i had a mothercare 3 wheeler travel system first, i am retiring the phil&teds for a while at the end of the year as my oldest will be 3 and we also have a maclaren quest so my little one will go into that.We hope to ttc number 3 next april. Good luck for ttc
  • Wrote a long reply to this last night and lost it so this is going to be a shorter version!

    I am dreading looking for a double. I don't like the tandem type ones much as I always feel really sorry that one has to have a rubbish view! But then side by sides are far too wide - I struggle enough with the MyChoice.

    Sooooo, depending on the age gap, I am considering maybe just getting a buggy board for the MyChoice. My sis has a 26 month gap and didn't bother getting a double. She has had baby in carrier a lot and toddler in Maclaren. Then when they get to childminders she puts baby in Maclaren for way home. If they go somewhere that might be too much walking for toddler she pushes baby in the Pliko Pramette and her OH pushes toddler in Maclaren.

    Or I might just see if I can get a bargain off ebay just to use occasionally. Resent buying another really expensive travel system type thing when we already have one!

    We are thinking a 2-2.5 year age gap. Prob consider starting to try early next year. SOOOOO scared but also think I need to just do it or I will put it off forever! I think in the long term the benefits of having a smaller age gap will pay off. Hopefully they'll play nicely together when older and leave me in bed for a while! lol!!! I had my twin and we never bothered my parents in the morning. We'd just go downstairs together and play until they go up!

  • Side-by-sides just aren't practical where I live (narrow pavements and little village shop which I pop into most days).

    I like my P&T Sport a lot but for two things: 1. the horrible stiff foot brake which is so impossible I don't even bother with it, and 2. the transition period where smallest LO no longer wants to lie flat snuggled up underneath, but is really too small to go in the toddler chair. Even though both seats recline a little when in 2x toddler mode, it's not enough for Maddie (4 months) to be totally comfortable. Unless she's asleep she no longer wants to lie flat underneath so I have her in the BBjorn quite a lot, which I don't mind but which isn't always ideal.

    There's a new Britax double out now which seems to be a lot like the P&T but both seats recline fully, face either way and can have carrycot attached. I think if this had been on the market when we were looking for a double we would have gone for it over the P&T, despite its price tag. I think two fully reclining seats is worth it. That said, it does look a bit high and bulky and I don't know how heavy it is.

    I love my 15 1/2 month age gap, couldn't imagine it any other way now, but if I were to do things differently I would wait until I was ABSOLUTELY sure baby #1 would be walking by the time baby #2 arrived! It's not the end of the world having two non-walkers but it would make life so much easier eg when it's raining and you need to put one child down on its feet briefly to do something with the other hand.
  • MrsAmanda, I believ John Lewis stock the Baby Jogger City Select if you have one near you xx
  • I am always thinking about my imaginary second baby too! :lol: I'm sacred as to how much time I think about it as we are not even ttc yet!

    I've pondered the age gap thing lots. While I love the idea of a small age gap the thought of two babes sacres me silly! Also it's taken me a while to get my head around my birth experience and how much it effected me afterwards. So we've finally decided ttc when my ds is 23 months which means a 2 year 8 month age gap if we fell straight away. I think 2.5- 3 years is a fab age gap as ds will be old enough to understand and help out a bit and won't need so much attention. Also it's still a close enough age gap to be playmates. My ds at 18 months is still very much my baby at the moment!

    As for doubles, I would go straight for a buggy board with that age gap. But if I were to use one, wouldn't go for a side by side as I struggle enough with the width of a normal buggy in town!
  • I've bought the baby jogger city select and am using it at the moment for Grace, she will be 16 months when this one is born so she will still be in a buggy.

    I love the city select, we tried the icandy peach and pear and hated how the back seat doesn't have that much of a view and I thought the pear was a bit too heavy. The city select isn't really lightweight when putting it in the boot but is light to push and has a big shopping basket underneath. We went up London with it yesterday and had no problems getting it on and off the train!!

  • I am DIS, and my DS will be 18 months nearly 19 months then... so will let you know on age gap! haha!

    In preperation for baby 2's arrival, we have bought the "Baby Weavers" 3 wheeler double.
    It is wide, and doesn't fold down flat... but I have a huge car and that doesn't concern me!
    I like having DS and baby side by side. I can walk the dog whilst pushing this pram, and if my OH is home, we can use our Silver Cross 3d in pram mode and oh can walk with my son, or push him in his stroller. Or we can take double out... depending on where we go, and if its a day trip or just nipping out. (basically take it day by day and decide when needs be)

    I went to Kiddicare in Peterborough to look at prams, and we found our pram on sale for ??150 including coseytoes, weathershield and tyre pump.
    I really love it, and my son loves it too as he can see perfectly well, whereas with some tandems and duo's, one of the childrens vision is covered by the older child! xx
  • There 26 mths between my ds and my 6wk old. I tried not having a double, i tried having baby in a carrier and toddler in buggy neither worked so i got the out and about double nipper 360. its fab. my 2yr old ds is extremely big height wise for his age and fits in it comfortably. its a 3wheeler so great and fits thru all normal doors which is fantastic. 6wk old looks v. comfy in it too. plus on cost ??285. xx
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