cold hands!

I just would leave her! Gabe is in a sleeping bag and his hands are freezing, I tried puting scratch mitts on but when he woke up in the morning and I took them off his hands were just as cold so I dont bother any more. It is actually normal cos babies circulation isnt as good as ours! xx


  • No advice hon, which probably isnt helpful :lol: but Jacks just the same. We swaddle him too, so his keep slightly warmer until he works out how he can get them out! You know what they say though......cold hands warm heart image

  • Hi my baby is the same but as long as the rest of them is warm it's normal to have cold hands as their circulation isn't as good as ours.
  • Its normal for there feet to be cold aswell my 21month old son is still like this and my 7week old is just the same, dont worry image

  • hi hun, i think its 'normal' for babies to have colder hands, sam always did as a baby and he still does now sometimes. i wouldnt worry!!! easier said than done i know :lol:

    emilie and sam 14 months x
  • Hands and feet are generally colder in babies, as their circulation is busy keeping the 'important' bits warm. Faye always has cold hands and they make me jump when I'm feeding her and she puts one on my chest :lol:
  • Hi,
    I used to put socks on my baby's hands when they were cold as they used to pull off their scratch mittens.
    Saying that though my girls still get up in the morning with cold hands even now(5& nearly3) lol!!!!
  • emily has sleep suits with mits on them (you just turn them over and they cant fall off) Her hands are always warmer when she wears them.
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