Colic, help!

I think poor Fred has colic. He is 3 weeks old today and is breastfeeding exclusively. his feeds are quite regular and he is gaining weight but was small at term (only 5lb 10oz) and has now eventually started to gain and is 6lb 2oz.

It doesn't seem to trouble him all the time but if he gets it, it tends to come on after his late afternoon feed and he can be beside himself for two hours or so crying and screaming, it breaks my heart. He gats green poo and so the hv thinks it is likely to be colic. I have just started the Infacol today, but other than that no one seems to have any remedies, I have been stroking his tummy clockwise but am not sure if it helps him much. Does anyone have any tips or advice to help? I just feel so sorry for the little mite, he gets exhausted by the crying and discomfort and tries to drop off only to jerk awake again.

Thanks in advance! x


  • hiya sorry to hear your going thou the colic stage its the most awfull thing !!!!We had it with dd 1st we tried coleif its a tiny bottle and preety pricey 10 pounds a bottle i think it didnt reli work 4 us but some people swear by it it made dd poo very running as sorry tmi.we also starting useing the tommee tippee anti colic bottles which have a funnel in the middle like the dr brown ones,we also changed her milk to cow and gate comfot i hope some of this helps xx
  • we think colief is a godsend, could not feed annabelle without it. also use dr browns bottles which help. xx
  • i used dr browns, thwy are fab! and a dummy helped-he doesnt have anymore.
  • Ok here are the things we tried with Lily that didnt cure it but helped:
    Dr Brown's bottles
    Doing the hoovering
    Putting over hubbys leg so it put pressure on her tummy
    Put her in a swing
    Carrying her in a sling
    Baby massage
    Carrying her on our hips but facing outwards so it stretched her tummy
    We also changed her formula to a thicker one.

    I think thats everything! Lily's stopped within 2 days of her turning 3 months old. It feels like it but I promise it doesnt last forever!

    Good luck X

  • carson was 11 wks when it stopped
  • thanks everyone i will try anything so will work my way through the suggestions xx
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