Tummy Tubs?


Hi all

Does anyone have one of these? Does your LO like it? What age are they suitable for?
I am seriously tempted if only for the novelty / cuteness value!!!!!!!!!!!

Joo xxx


  • My friend (a fantastic mother of 5) has used this to bath all her babies, she thinks thay are ideal. I would have bought one but we got a lovely bath set as a baby gift! Don't think they would be able to manufacture / sell them if they were bad for their bones??x Saw them on the baby channel to and seemingly they are actually good for babies, something to do with being in the same womb position etc.... may have been a advertisment plug though!!
  • Not used one personally but looking at it it looks like it would be hard to wash them?no room to get at them if that makes sense?
  • LittleMissLexi - yes that is what hubby and I saw about being in the Mum's womb (though that then freaked him out because that is what baby Angus is like in my tummy now!!!) - but obviously the Mum's tumm isn't hard plastic is it? So I can see Zoey's point... just not sure really.
    I agree, it'd be hard for them to sell if they were bad for bones etc...
    Hubby likes them a lot!
  • They are for new babies (upto 6mts), the baby in the pictures does look pretty squashed though lol !
  • No you've def. not!
    Its a lot of interesting points to think about (over a baby bath LOL!!!!!!!!!!) - I agree, I look at it and think how do you wash baby?
    Also from birth, you'd still have to hold their heads.
    We have a foam support for the regular bath I'd like to use so both of my hands are free for playing and washing (or am I naive and you can't not hold a baby's head at all when bathing?!?!?)
  • I think i've seen them in mothercare,

    Personally I think it's nicer to use a baby bath so they can splash and kick! At around 3/4 months I started bathing my lo with me in the big bath, she started playing with toys in the bath from 5 1/2 months after she got some for christmas.

    And yes, you can support thier head, one arm supports thier head and the top of thier back and holds them under one arm while resting thier bottom on the floor. While you use the other hand for washing!
  • I borrowed one of these from a friend and used it with LO when she was about 5-6 weeks. There are definitely pros and cons:

    - Abby loved being in the deep water but I can fill a normal baby bath deep anyway
    - When they are little and are meant to like the foetal position that this bath offers they are far too small and just float around
    - Once they are a bit bigger there is less space to wash them and for them to play - Abby has been splashing around since about 10 weeks and grabbing her duck :\)
    - It is quite difficult to hold the baby and wash them in it

    Overall I would recommend a normal baby bath. Hope that helps,

    H xx
  • I had one of the moulded supports at first, now lo can sit unaided I use an aqua pod thing from mothercare. It's really good, esp. as we use oilatum which makes the bath slippery.
  • My maternity unit uses these for babies while they're newborn - the maternity assistants were raving about them. However, they did say that they are very expensive to buy, and recommended buying a lambing bucket from the local farm wholesalers - more or less the same thing, but they only cost a few pounds!!! Obviously a lambing bucket wouldn't be see through either!
  • Personally I wouldn't buy one, they look so impractical & VERY expensive for a glorified plastic tub, lol.

    I got a baby bath from Asda for ??2.49 (check them out!) and I loved it, never used a bath support as Gabe liked the water quite deep plus I didnt see the point. It got good use out of it till he was about 8 months.
  • i bought one with my 1st, used it once, couldnt bath her on my own,my mum had to help. couldnt hold her and wash her all at once! might just of been me... its now used as her laundry basket!! paid 20 pounds from mothercare for mine x
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