please help me.... i need advice

My baby girl is teething and along with every tooth she has cut she has had a cold. I am 30 weeks pregnant and i am now really worried because i have been using a plug in vapour fan in her room to ease congestion. Today mum got me some refills for her from the supermarket and i read on the back that these should not be used or handled by pregnant women. Oh my god !! i have never noticed this before and have used it several times for her during my pregnancy for her. Please can any one help me as the reason to WHY and what can happen. I am so worried now that i may have put my unborn baby in harms way when i have been sooo careful with everything throughout both pregnancies. Why didnt i read properly sooner. Please help. I have googled and cant find any explanation.



  • I think it's a disclaimer so I shouldn't be too worried. They have most probably put it on there as it contains essential oils which when used on pregnant women can induce labour but you would have to rub it on your skin for this to happen.
    They've put it on there to stop pregnant women from sueing them just in case something happened. If you are still worried talk to your gp or another health professional but I'm sure you are ok.
    Good Luck with your pregnancy and I hope your lo gets better soon
    Hayley xx
  • Hi Hayley,
    Thank you so much for replying, i have posted this in 3 areas because i was so worried. I am seeing our HV on Tuesday with my baby so i will ask her also but what you say makes sense. I may be overacting but i went into sheer panic mode when i read this and it didnt help because i am sooo tired as poor little love had prob only 3 hours sleep last night. Thank you again.

  • I totally understand how you are feeling - reading something like that when knackered and pg isn't nice at all. I hope you can get a good nights sleep tonite xx
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