in for a bad night!!

I just rocked Gabe to sleep for the first time in months!! He's 10 months, 21lbs and my arms are killing. He was just so overtired and not having any of sleeping on his own. Wonder what tonight will be like...



  • Aw babe! We've had this with Alf the last two days just fighting all sleep and then come bedtime he's way too smiley and ready to play-unlike us!
    Hope he gets into a lovely deep sleep and wakes up full of beans tomorrow morning! xx
  • Oh dear! Theo is 6 months and weighed 21lb 6oz a fortnight ago!!!
  • oh babe hope he sleeps well for you . I have to rock daisy to sleep every night and yes its no fun when they bigger!!
  • I know what you mean Katie about waking up wondering why they are in the cot. He's been up a few times already (we've been out though) Mil put his dummy in and stroked his face and he went back to sleep...
  • Well how was your night? Mine was awful! He woke at half 9 and seemed to think that was time to get up! He never slept for longer than an hour and a half the whole night and then at 5 I had to bring him downstairs because he just wouldnt go back to sleep! But he has got a horrible cough and cold so it was probably that.
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