How to use Colief?


My LO is recovering from a stomach bug and I am pretty sure that his loose nappies and the fact that he seems to be uncomfortable (whinging much more than normal) is due to a temporary lactose intolerance. I'm thinking of using colief for a brief spell until his digestive system improves and wondered how you go making up bottles?

I have some bottles in the fridge which I made up last night before going to bed. Am i right in believing that when I am ready to feed LO I remove bottle from fridge, warm it up, add 4 drops then wait 30 mins before feeding him? Don't want to waste the formula I have made up.

Thanks for your help xxx


  • That is how you use the colief. I'm just wondering why you feel the need to use it? It is for colic, to relieve trapped wind. It needs to be used in every feed, and once in use must be reduced carefully before stopping. It can also cause bad nappies.

    Obviously you must have your reasons, just wondered what they are? xx
  • Hi if you think your lo is suffering from a tempory lactose intolerence you really need to see your gp who,if they agree, will prescribe some lactose free milk for a period of time. This is what happened to my friends baby. I personally dont think colief is going to help but if you want to try it then when Lizzie had it for colic i use to use it neat-it says on the side of it how to get the droplets into the dropper and then drop them onto the back of her tounge right before her bottle. apparently they work better neat x
  • Hi ladies,

    I've got it into my head that he may be lactose intolerant as it's been almost 12 days since he contracted viral gastroenteritis and his diarrhea has yet to clear up. It's got better but still quite watery/mushy at times. He's find in himself though, jusr a litle whingier than normal. I've read that lactose intolerance is common with this illness. I've rang NHS Direct who had advised that I see the GP tomorrow and take a stool sample for checking so gonna do that. Thanks for your input xx
  • hi i hope you get it sorted. it was the same problem that caused my friends little boy to have a temporay lactose intolerence. think she was prescribed a soya milk which is lactose free. let us know how your lo gets on x
  • Hi Wannababy,

    Did your friend have to supply a stool sample or did they prescribe her little boy with soy milk from the symptoms she provided.

    Thanks again x
  • i dont know to be sure and she is away this weekend so cant ask her. i would take a sample if you can as it might help.
    it was 3 years ago my friends lo had it so im not sure with all the new research if it is still treated with soya milk or not. hope your gp helps x
  • Hopefully it's just his digestive system taking a little time to return to normal, after the bug. I've heard it can take a little while once the virus has gone. But 12 days seema a little excessive. Hopefully GP can offer some words of wisdom. xx
  • I thought Colief helped to break down the lactose in the milk - just found this on the colief website
    "Colief contains lactase, an enzyme naturally occurring in our bodies that helps break down complex sugar lactose found in milk, dairy products, breast milk and infant formulas." - So ???in theory it should help with lactose intolerance too...I think?!
  • well from what you just said it makes sense. i must also appoligise as it was infacol i used with lizzie.
    whatever route used i hope your lo is better soon x
  • I was a total infacol convert too image Fantastic stuff, seriously though doesn't it seem like ages ago we were using it?!
  • Yes mybutler which was what I thought however I rang the colief helpline and they said they could only recommend it in babies up to 3/4 months and to seek advice from my gp.

    I'm going to see the doctor's tomorrow and get her advice. He's had a watery stools twice today and his last one before bed was solid (remains of his lunch in it!) which leads to me to believe more that the v. runny ones are the aftermath of his morning milk bottle.

    Will hopefully know more tomorrow. Thanks ladies xx
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